Ships and submarines of the Northern Fleet in exercises to Start

cruise missiles

Moscow. October 5. Interfax-AVN — Forces of the Northern Fleet during the exercises performed on Friday launches of cruise missiles sea-and land-based targets for the central part of the Barents Sea, reported on Saturday, "Interfax-AVN" in the management of news and information service of the Defense Ministry.

"In accordance with the plan of combat training made eight starts, the goals that were at a distance of 60 to 400 km, successfully hit", — explained in the administration.

"Missile launches were carried out to test the readiness of shipboard and shore-based missile systems for various types of surface naval strike targets that are at different distances", — explained in the military.

  According to the military, two launches cruise missiles "Granit" were made from the Barents Sea crew nuclear submarine "Eagle" and "Voronezh" from a submerged position. Another launch cruise missiles "Granit" crew performed the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Peter the Great".

Four launch anti-ship missiles carried naval strike group, including two missile launch "Mosquito" performed destroyer "Admiral Ushakov", one rocket "Malachite" — small missile ships "Iceberg" and "Breaking Dawn."

A missile launch from the coast of the peninsula Fishermen at sea shore goal made operational-tactical missile complex "Redoubt" coastal missile and artillery brigades of the Northern Fleet.

"All of missile launches to be successful," — stressed in the Ministry of Defense.

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