Ships being built for the Navy of Russia as of 25.07.2013

My review of the types of ships I’ll start with the smallest, the highest being.

So, let’s begin.


Anti-seal boat of 21980

Boat project 21980 "Rook" designed to combat the subversive and terrorist forces and resources in the waters of team sites and near the approaches to them, and also to assist the Border Service of the Russian Federation in solving the problems of protection and the protection of the state border of Russia.

East Wharf.

1) The serial number 8002. Laid 17.05.2012. Launched 24.06.2013. Delivered?

2) The serial number 8003. Laid 06.2012. Launched?

3) The serial number 8003. Laid 12.2012. Launched?

Zelenodolsky plant Gorky.

4) The serial number 984. Laid 5.05.2012. Launched 04.2013. Delivered?

5) The serial number 985. Laid 27.07.2012. Launched?

6) The serial number 986. Laid down in 2012. Launched?

7) The serial number 987. Laid 27.07.2013 (plan). Launched?

Landing craft project 21820 "Dugong"

A series of new Russian landing craft air cavity.

East Wharf

8) "Ivan Kartzov." Laid down in 2010. Launched?

Yaroslavsky Shipbuilding Plant

9) "Denis Davydov." Laid 18.01.2012. Launched?

10) "Lieutenant Rimsky-Korsakov. Laid 21.06.2012. Launched?

11) "Midshipman Lermontov." Laid 18.01.2013. Launched?

The submarines of project 636 "Varshavyanka"

Class multi-purpose diesel submarines. Is an improvement of export Submarine Project 877 EKM.

Admiralty Shipyards.

12) B-261 "Novorossiysk". Laid down 20.08.2010. Launched?

13) B-237 "Rostov-on-Don." Laid down 21.11.2011. Launched?

14) B-262 "Stary Oskol." Laid down 17.08.2012. Launched?

The submarines of Project 677 "Lada"

Series of Russian diesel-electric submarines, developed in the late XX century.

Admiralty Shipyards.

15) B-586 "Kronstadt." Laid down 28.07.2005. Launched?

16) B-587 "Sevastopol". Laid down 10.11.2006. Launched?

Small missile ships of the project 21631

Are multi-purpose ships "river-sea".

Zelenodolsky plant Gorky.

17) "Hail Svijazhsk." Laid 27.08.2010. Launched 03/09/2013. Delivered?

18) "Uglich." Laid 22.07.2011. Launched 10.04.2013. Delivered?

19) "Great Ustug." Laid 27.08.2011. Launched?

20) "Green Dol". Laid 29.08.2012. Launched?

21) "Serpukhov." Laid Laid 25.01.2013. Launched?

Corvettes Project 20380/20385

The project is multi-purpose surface warships 2nd rank near sea zone.

Severnaya Verf.

22) "Steadfast." Laid 10.11.2006. Launched 30.05.2012. Delivered?

23) "Rumbling". Laid 1.02.2012. Launched?

24) "Prompt." Laid 25.07.2013. Launched?

Amur Shipbuilding Plant.

25) "Perfect." Laid 30.06.2006. Launched?

26) "Loud." Laid 20.04.2012. Launched?

Project 11356 frigates

Design (type) multi frigate range maritime zones for re-Navy Russia.

Shipyard "Yantar".

27) "Admiral Grigorovich." Laid 18.12.2010. Launched?

28) "Admiral Essen." Laid 8.07.2011. Launched?

29) "Admiral Makarov". Laid 29.02.2012. Launched?

30) "Admiral Butakov." Laid 12.07.2013. Launched?

31) "Admiral Istomin." Laid 28.07.2013. (Plan) was floated?

Project 22350 frigates

Design (type) multi frigate far sea zone, designed to re-Navy Russia.

Severnaya Verf.

32) "Admiral Gorshkov". Laid 1.02.2006. Launched 29.10.2010. Delivered?

33) "Admiral Kasatonov." Laid 26.11.2009. Launched?

34) "Admiral Golovko." Laid 1.02.2012. Launched?

Coastal minesweepers Project 12700 "Alexander"

Ship project of mine Defence (CSI), designed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" for the Russian Navy.

Fair Nevsky NW.

35) BT-730. Laid 22.09.2011. Launched?

Large amphibious ships project 11711

Type of new large amphibious ships designed for landing, transportation of equipment and machinery.

Shipyard "Yantar".

36) "Ivan Gren." Laid 23.12.2004. Launched 18.05.2012. Delivered?

Submarines of Project 885 (0885) "Ash"

The project Russian multipurpose nuclear submarines with cruise missiles c (MPLATRK) of the fourth generation.


37) "Kazan". Laid down 24.07.2009. Launched?

38) "Novosibirsk". Laid down 26.07.2013. (Plan) Launched?

The submarines of project 955 "Borey"

Series of Russian nuclear submarines of class "missile submarine strategic" (SSBN).


39) "Vladimir Monomakh". Laid down 19.03.2006. Launched 30/12/2012. Rented?

40) "Prince Vladimir". Laid down 30.07.2012. Launched?

Amphibious assault ships of the "Mistral"

Class amphibious assault ships, helicopter carriers.

DCNS / Baltic Plant.

41) "Vladivostok". Laid 1.02.2012/1.10.2012. Launched 07.2012/26.06.2012. Delivered?

42) "Sevastopol". Laid 18.06.2013 / -. Launched?

Now you can say a few words about non-combat ships, or ships to ensure our Navy. Of course, tug boats and rubber in the review does not fall, but the ships that deserve attention will be. So.

The vessel connection pr.18280

A series of large scout ships being built for the Russian Navy.

Severnaya Verf.

43) "Yuri Ivanov." Laid 27.12.2004. Launched?

Towing vessel "Seliger" nroject 11982

Shipyard "Yantar".

44) "Seliger". Planted 08.07.09. She was launched on 29.07.2011. Rented 25/12/2012.

Experimental research vessel "Amber"

Shipyard "Yantar".

45) "Amber". Laid 8.07.2010. She was launched on 12.05.2012. Rented?

Naval Weapons Ave 20180 "Akademik Kovalev"

Ship Repair Centre "Star".

46) "Akademik Kovalev." Laid 20.12.2011. Launched?


Like, that’s all. Do not judge strictly, my first review.

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