Ships of the Black Sea Fleet conducted exercises with missile firings

In the framework of bilateral tactical exercises brigade of missile boats small missile ships "Calm" and "Mirage" Black Sea Fleet missile boats "Ivanovec" and "R-60" in the ship’s two battle groups (IBM) April 27, 2013 executed by firing cruise missiles challenging target, simulating the IBM imaginary enemyThe exercise missile hovercraft "Bora" served as a command ship. With his board’s actions katernikov watched Commander of the Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov.

On the eve of a military training range missile ships worked together to maneuver and played dueling situation in the oncoming sea battle.
For the issuance of targeting ships and objective scrutiny of the results of fire were brought Su-24, An-26 and Be-12 Black Sea Fleet naval aviation.
Closing the area of combat exercises carried out 10 warships and support vessels of the fleet.
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