Shoigu ordered the return of military aircraft Soviet symbols

Main Command of the Air Force agreed with Sergei Shoigu to replace the board signs gosprinadlezhnosti aircraft with three-color (white, blue, red) stars in the red, as in Soviet times.

"The decision was made on a routine basis on presentation of the main command, without special meetings. The Minister agreed with our main argument — bright tricolor star strongly unmask planes and helicopters, "- said a senior officer of the Ministry of Defense.

"Bright tricolor stars who appeared at Serdyukov strongly unmask planes and helicopters"

The domestic aviation from its inception in the 1920s by a red-colored stars. In the 1970s it added to the white edging, as it was believed that it is not fatal unmasks overall dark camouflage background. With these signs onboard airplanes and helicopters went to the Russian Air Force. In 2009, then-Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov added to the red color of the bright blue edging, leaving white, so that the star repeated the colors of the national flag.

"In principle, the idea of the good — we have a beautiful flag, we are all proud of him. But the color of the airplane and a helicopter in the first place should be functional. Camouflage pattern blurs the outline of an aircraft, making it hardly noticeable at medium and long distances, and near difficult to identify. A beautiful tricolor increases the visibility, "- said a source in the Main Command.

According to the decision Shoigu, red stars on board will remain without any borders and reduced by half. But red is not ideal for masking, and in the future they will be replaced by the so-called contour stars that have already been developed and tested.

In the research center masking third of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense explained that such a board outline signs gosprinadlezhnosti.

"This is only the outline of the stars, circled in red. There are so marked all four prototypes of the fifth-generation T-50, which are based in Zhukovsky near Moscow. We choose the optimal thickness and size of the circuit. It is also possible, it is no longer a solid line and a dotted "- said the representative of the research center.

Phalanx pilots interviewed "Izvestia", basically agree with the plans of the main command the Air Force. The pilot of the MiG-29 of the Central Military District believes that the multi-colored emblem much unmasks the plane.

"Look at our planes. MiG-29 SMT Kursk covered with a gray tone with huge multicolored stars, red or blue tactical numbers. Colored spots even half-blind people to be seen, "- said the pilot.

Other officers, especially the technical services concerned that the return of plain red stars will lead to confusion, without solving the problem of camouflage.

"Do not go to a fortune teller, will be on the same machine with the Soviet airfield stars, tricolor, new small and contoured. The service life of paint is 3-5 years, are we not to make authorized Service Centre in painters "- predicts one of the technicians.

The decision approved Shoigu former Air Force Commander Anatoly Kornukov. "All over the world know our red star and the winning tradition. On a steel background of almost not visible, because the plane is constantly maneuvering at high altitude and speed levels, "said the general.

Military expert, co-author of the book "The New Russian Army" Anton Lavrov also called for the monochromatic coloring of domestic aviation.

"The decals taken to minimize. But in the world are no generally accepted views on the relevance of camouflage for military aircraft. Battles are conducted mainly at distances where the most important readings rather than visual observation. But, of course, if the aircraft camouflage, it is unwise to leave telltale signs, "- said the expert.

Aviation Western countries have long switched to outline signs gosprinadlezhnosti. American USAF refused to star in a white circle back in the 1990s, and now their planes do not have any color coding on the general gray background.

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