Shoigu proposed output of industrial enterprises in Moscow region

MOSCOW, June 21 — RIA Novosti. The governor of Moscow Sergei Shoigu proposed to withdraw from Moscow to some industrial production in order to relieve the transport infrastructure of the Moscow region, as well as post-producing enterprise in the transport of large cities in the Moscow region.


"We would like to offer Moscow to withdraw its part of production … We are now preparing a list of such plants. If their number is reduced in the capital, it will unload the transport infrastructure, and will be" easier to breathe "- Shoigu said on television channel"Russia-24"During XVI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

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He said that every day in the Moscow area of work go hundreds of thousands of people. However, the capital must perform primarily administrative functions, he said. He also noted that the output of industrial enterprises in the region to help restore the car production.

"If you restore the auto industry, then it should be done in an area where there is adequate logistics" — the governor said.

He added that this will fit the major cities of the region with a population of over 100,000 people. This will increase tax collection, increase the overall quality of life in them, Shoigu said.

Touching on the issue of attracting investors in the suburbs, he said that today Moscow region, the leaders of the small and medium-sized businesses, and the government will continue to support this trend.

"We start to attract and big business in the energy sector, in the field of processing, in the creation of high-tech industries, the production is quite high added value. Today, I think, will sign a number of agreements that are substantive in nature is expressed in volumes, numbers of investment," — said the governor.

Shoigu also said that the pace of housing construction in Moscow may suspend.

"At the time, this sector can stop there, because we need to clean up there," — he said, and noted that many developers are building housing, but the "social sector is lagging behind."

"We are conducting an inventory of major projects in order to give it complexity. Handed over the estate — it has to be fully prepared for the normal life of people," — said the governor.

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