Shop where they build submarines

In this picture — the legendary 55 (left) and 50 (right) Sevmash plant. It is in these factory premises, which are considered the largest in the world, built the most modern Russian nuclear submarines.

In the shop there were 50 nuclear submarines, among which are the legendary "animal" series of submarines of project 971 "Pike-B." She dubbed the "animal" because of the names that were given to submarines of this project, "Bars", "Panther", "Wolf", "Leopard", "Tiger", "boar", "Cheetah". Such an interesting point: the ferocious series was built only at the "Sevmash". The same project was built and at the Amur shipyard, at first they were given inazvaniya marine animals, "Shark", "dolphin", "Sperm Whale" and others, and then pereimnovali in "Barnaul", "Bratsk", "Magadan", "Samara "etc


This indoor boathouse — 55 Sevmash plant. It was built for the construction of third-generation submarines. Now it makes our newest missile 4th generation 955 "Borey" and multi-purpose submarines 885 "Yasen" subs "Vladimir Monomakh", "Prince Vladimir", "Kazan", and re-equip something in a submarine project 949AM "Belgorod" . This is something very secret.


Another card, which gives an idea of how big the building department 55http :/ /


 Here can be seen the open gate shop 55, next faces backlog of future submarines, as well as the floating dock "Sukhona"


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