Siberian conscripts in the Russian first learned

controlled drones

Hundreds of Novosibirsk conscripts mastered the technique of control of unmanned spy planes. Moreover, the first in Russia. To this day, to lead the Mission of such machines only allowed officers. Required Skills soldiers were in the Novosibirsk branch of the training academy of the armed forces of Russia.

Denis Ilyin, head of the training center for junior intelligence specialists: "Study these guys have been given knowledge of unmanned aerial vehicles of foreign manufacture. If necessary, within two or three days they will be able to make the training and work well with unmanned aerial vehicles of foreign manufacture."

This small plane without problems calculate hidden in the forests of armored car. The enemy is able to see objects at a distance. At the command to land at the right place. Manages flight conscripts, especially past the necessary training. Their task is to set the route of the aircraft — everything else is a matter of technique. As the management of an educational center, this practice will improve the quality of the currently existing intelligence.  Denis Ilyin"Unmanned aerial vehicle produced by our, Russian. Called it" Pear. "We can safely conduct air reconnaissance and identify enemy targets at a distance of 10 km."

Nikolai ball, training platoon commander"Photo-Video module module and recorder. Girostabiliziruyuschaya may still camera that takes different directions."

Volodymyr Omelchenko, deputy commander of the platoon"At first, not very clear, as is the management of everything going on. Gradually, as the lessons we all sorted out."

In the control room — both in the cockpit, all the data on the monitor height of 100 meters, 5 degree tilt, speed of 90 kilometers. Managing automatic.

Kirill Bolshakov, Private"Already on the basis of areas we set point by which to follow an unmanned aerial vehicle 10 41-16 Manual control is possible — manual needed for any emergency situations that either we hunt down something specific and want to deviate from the route."

The quality of shot, you can even see the person. While I except for an overcast sky can not see anything. Landing with an accuracy of one meter.

Nikolai ball, training platoon commander"When the operator command parachute works. Aircraft rolls over and starts to decline."


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