Siberian physicists discovered the world of four-

Alexei Garmash, a senior researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Physics GIBudker and participant of the experiment says: "In general, the whole world around us, especially three-quark: the proton and neutron are strictly for three particles, not the other way. In theory, the possibility of combining the four quarks predicted in the 60’s, but have yet to obtain a particle experiment could not be anyone. " Siberian physicists managed to do it, although the search for the four-particle was not the original purpose of their experiments. INP made the discovery in the study of two-quark systems, which are unstable: in the steady state, there is only three-quark matter.
A set of data at the LHC was about ten years old. Siberians have registered first predicted, but not yet the observed two-quark structure, which in itself is a great scientific achievement. The study found as a fact that these particles are a hundred times more often than expected. Then it was suggested theoretical assumption about the origin of the intermediate system. Carried out detailed checks have confirmed that such a system consists of just four quarks.
The sensational discovery of the Siberian physicists will be subjected to scientific examination of the world community.

Quarks and leptons in modern physics act as a limiting step of crushing the matter. In a free state quarks were observed.

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