Siberian Regional Vascular Center earned in Novosibirsk


The other day in full force earned Siberian Regional Vascular Center, which now has everything to save the lives of the most difficult patients. In its modernization this year invested about 130 million rubles.

New methods of treatment of vascular specialists have adopted at City Hospital Doctors Hospital Meshalkina. Doctors are proud to show a new, modern X-ray operating governor. It makes jewelry work: put stands on the blood vessels in ischemic diseases.

Doctors on duty in the operating round the clock. Thanks to their skill, and this instrument is not able to save one human life.

"All of this has allowed a whole new level to provide treatment with vascular abnormalities of the brain. This is a major disease, which kills two thirds of the citizens, it is from these diseases, "- said the chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital № 1 Vadim Kovalenko.

The repair of future regional vascular center was spent 14,000,000 rubles. An even greater amount — 113 million, went to the new equipment. Now here are 120 hospital beds for patients with severe vascular pathologies.

Victor Eckard few days ago had a stroke. Came out of intensive care yesterday. But the conditions in which he had to spend a lot of time already appreciated. "Comfortably here at the moment very much! The setting and all "- says the man.

As the governor, while not enough people to work on the new hardware. Education necessary specialists — today one of the main tasks.

"We are seriously increased funding. Today, this industry is most funded. Education has always been, and today the program of modernization — and the first place went healthcare. We will continue to update the material-technical base ", — said Vasily Yurchenko.

Significant funds will be spent in support of children’s health care and Tuberculosis. And already this year, taking into account the experience gained in the creation of a vascular center will be built reginalny Cancer Center and the Perinatal Center.

In Novosibirsk build a regional perinatal center and solve the personnel problem in medicine, the regional authorities have assured.


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