Siberian Russian surgeons gave the patient a mechanical heart

In the Novosibirsk Institute of Circulation Pathology name Meshalkina implanted patient "mechanical heart" of domestic production. It is only the second operation with the Russian circulatory support device held in the country. His patient has received from the city of Tyumen.

33-year-old man after the operation is doing well and has already moved from the intensive care ward of a cardiac surgery department, said the clinic. He is waiting for a donor heart for six months, "mechanical" body he implanted, when his condition became critical, and he was on constant medication support.

The device is implanted when your own heart is unable to cope, and the donor is not yet possible to transplant. Because there is no suitable donor or plight of the patient makes the operation impossible. Supports heart health can significantly improve patient and wait for a donor organ. Doctors called the operation a "bridge" to transplantation. The furnace man can live up to several years.  Russian instrument, the assurances of developers, is not inferior to the existing Western analogues. He smaller special coating prevents the formation of blood clots, the battery capacity is more than twice. The domestic unit cheaper than foreign ones about twice (about three million).

"He will miss one patient for six — seven to eight hours. Includes two batteries, allowing the patient at night to charge the battery and then one day to be outdoors, on the street " — Says a leading engineering company "Biosoft-M" A. Adaskina.

In Novosibirsk, such operations have started to do in 2006 — was their only 19. But with the Russian device — for the first time. The first operation to implant a Russian "artificial heart" was held at the Research Center of Transplantation and Artificial Organs name SHumakova in Moscow. The patient lived with him nine months while waiting for the donor heart.


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