Siberian scientists have found a way to turn sewage into biodiesel

A unique method of biofuel production from sewage sludge and developed by scientists of the Siberian Federal University and the Institute of Biophysics.

According to the experts, organic-rich sediments and waste water treatment plants, saturated fats household wastewater can be effectively used as a raw material for the production of so-called biodiesel, which is as good as conventional diesel fuel. In this case, it is not toxic and readily biodegradable.

The first 15 milliliters of a new biofuel obtained in the laboratory. The raw materials scientists used sediment from the bottom of a small lake in Krasnoyarsk Bugach. Preliminary studies showed that the new biodiesel meets the European standards for combustion temperature, the amount of calories, released by the complete combustion of one gram of the substance, and oxidation resistance.

"The study of mud we got enough encouraging results and found out that due to the composition of available fatty acids in it that biodiesel has a sufficiently good properties. Composition of fat, of which it is made, reaching 14.5%. A powerful source. Fats that are dumped us into the sewer, can also be processed into biodiesel that meets environmental standard Euro-4 "- told reporters one of the developers of a unique technique Mikhail Gladyshev.

According to him, still used for biodiesel production plant material, in particular rape, soya and seaweed. In this case, up to 75% of the cost of that fuel is the cost of growing, harvesting and processing of raw materials.

Scientists believe that the production of fuel from the sediments will be cost-effective, since the raw material for it is free, and the annual volume of sludge extracted from the bottom during the cleaning of ponds, lakes and other bodies of water, would be enough to ensure the smooth operation of several plants producing biodiesel.

The unique project was supported by the Program for Basic Research of the Presidium of RAS.

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