Siberian weapon for the Russian army

DIC Omsk region got its second wind by increasing defense contracts, as well as a large-scale conversion
In the first three months of 2011, the main business Omsk defense industry produced goods worth more than 3 billion rubles. In general, an increase over the previous year did not exceed 2%, but that could change — in 2011, the Russian state defense order will reach 1.5 trillion rubles. Higher dynamics of growth of industrial production in Omsk defense, of course, is fixed by the new development and increasing the share of defense contracts. However, to stay afloat, "the defense" can only learn conversion products.

Mistral equip Omsk "Corvette"
Omsk defense companies produce a wide range of demand in many countries for the production of various types of troops. For example, Omsk Research Institute of Instrument (ONIIP) and the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Irtysh" (part of the concern "ORION-CDS") jointly produce a system for the drive and the landing of the assault groups, signals intelligence, defense and reflection of objects. The latest development ONIIP — a digital radio receiver "Corvette" for helicopter Mistral, Russia ordered from France. "Corvette" works in the short-range and provides a high level of reliability of radio ship.

Developments in the field of radio electronics Omsk digital radio and television can be widely used for military purposes — used to transmit the signal from the battlefield, videoconferencing. But to provide for ONIIP design center dimensions are reduced in times of equipment, therefore, the device becomes much easier to parachute. "KAMAZ chassis can carry up to 10 tons — the general director Vladimir Berezovsky ONIIP. — But today, our client set a target to reduce all the equipment to the size SUVs such as Hammer or Patriot, while retaining all the functions. So far in this direction there are research papers, but after two or three years will begin mass production. "

In addition to radio electronics armament for the Russian army supply and Omsk mechanical engineers. The specialists of "Design Bureau of Transport Machine Building" (KBTM) proposed to improve Russian tanks and adapt them to the conduct of combat in an urban environment. "Now it is widely believed that in the future military conflicts will be moved from the open spaces and deserts in the big city — said the first deputy general director Vladimir Belyaev KBTM. — Therefore, it would be unreasonable not to use a new combat all available assets, including heavy armor. In the design of this tank should focus given to comprehensive protection of the crew, and armament of the engine compartment. "

The developers propose to provide a circular tower defense corps and "urban" tank from small-caliber automatic guns, setting a splinter-proof screens. Another new product offered by Omsk tank builders — covered with rubber tracked undercarriage, adapted for movement on urban asphalt surface. In addition to changing the chassis tank experts have developed KBTM feed module with automatic loader assembly-line for 14 shots on serial T-90 tank. Such technological solutions can be used for upgrading existing tanks.

Vertical integration
In recent years, almost all of the major military-industrial enterprises of the Omsk region, with the assistance of the regional government entered the federal vertically integrated structure (see table). This greatly increased the volume of production, the company handed over as head of the orders to the regional court.

So, on April 11 guide Khrunichev. Khrunichev signed documents according to which at Omsk on "Flight" is transmitted not only the production of "Angara" LV, but also the right to develop the project documentation. This means that now the Omsk plant actually becomes the sole producer of the carrier rocket of new generation. "This is not an order, not order, which may appear or not appear, — says Director General of" Flight "Gregory Murakhovski. — This document, based on which we will build our policies on the production of "Angara".

Another major regional enterprise — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "OMO them. Baranov "- earlier this year removed from the register of legal entities and registered as a branch of Federal State Unitary Enterprise" SPC Gas Turbine "Salute". Leaders of the Moscow enterprises and regional authorities have jointly developed an anti-crisis program for 2011-2012. According to the program, the center will produce parts and components "AI-222-25", "99", "39", "D-436", RGC products "AL21-F3A", "AL21-F3T" RGC products "RD-33 . " There is also mastered the production of gas generators "STU-8", "GT-12", "GT-16", "GT-20" on the basis of aircraft engines, "AL21-F3A", "AL21-F3T" — for the implementation of the program of energy supply Far East. In 2011, the "SPC Gas Turbine" Salute "plans to produce products to 2.7 billion rubles.

It’s hard going through an economic crisis in addition to the plants of the Moscow enterprises supported and the regional government. Two years ago, with the assistance of the Omsk Governor Leonid Polezhaeva OMO them. Baranov was provided by a federal grant of more than 700 million rubles, which made it possible to eliminate all arrears of wages and taxes. In early 2010, the newly formed cover unpaid wages helped plant a grant of 50 million rubles — is from the regional budget. Today in respect of another major company — KBTM — regional authorities together with JSC "SPC" Uralvagonzavod "are working to establish on the basis of SUE" Omsktransmash "property complex scientific and production center for the manufacture of competitive military and civilian products.

"Citizen" will support the "defense"
Compared with 2010, the amount of Russian state defense orders to increase by 33% — up to 1.5 trillion rubles. Later military orders will also grow — by 2013 they will reach $ 2 trillion. Surely this will positively affect the growth of plants and the Omsk region. But at the same time, managers of factories recognize — no matter how grown defense contracts, Omsk defense companies should increase the share of civilian products, to provide a stable financial position. Whilst the percentage of conversion products is 10-20% of total production.

"Yes, the army in recent years, more funded, but there is no stability, — said General Director of FSUE" Irtysh "Andrew Arshinin. — And mezhkassovye breaks and permanent employment to people is to provide civilian products. This year, we will release about 15 percent of civilian products in the past, this proportion was 10.8 per cent of the total. Ideally, the "citizen" should be 40-50 percent. Today, our machines allow you to do more high-quality and high technology conversion products. We will compete with the same China is not low, and capacity. "

With this agreement and the first Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy, Transport and Communications of Omsk region, Viktor Belov. According to him, Omsk Company has recently begun to diversify production and to develop the civilian market. But to return to his position that the enterprise was engaged in 90 years, will take time and money. At some plants simply lost technology and civilian products have to learn anew. "Releasing us boilers inconvenient, — says Vladimir Berezovsky. — But we address the issue of increasing the share of civilian production. For example, today in conjunction with the Moscow Institute — im. Bauman and the Research Institute of Radio — we set sights on the creati
on of the Russian magnetic resonance imaging. This is a major medical equipment, but foreign manufacturers exhibit relatively high price for it. Scanners can be done more cheaply, and the problem we want to solve, and scientists know how. "

Actively participate in the high-tech projects and other Omsk enterprise. For example, JSC "Siberian Devices and Systems" has manufactured components for the main equipment Observatory — a telescope T-170M, which largely replaces the American "Hubble" in 2014.

To promote products Omsk enterprises in the civilian sector regional government implements routines NP "Siberian engineering" — "SibmashTEK" (equipment for the energy sector) and "Sibmashtrans" (transport engineering). The first subroutine assigned 39 innovative projects, another 24 — are satisfied. Made of industrial production by 2.3 billion rubles from the planned volume of 9,000,000,000. The sub-program "Sibmashtrans" implemented 28 projects, 28 more — ready. Manufactured products by 1.7 billion rubles from the planned volume of 4.5 billion.

Since the founding partnership of NP "Siberian Engineering" helps companies to attract investment from large monopolistic customers. In the past, the partnership has created a joint working group with JSC "Russian Railways" TGC-11, many oil companies. At meetings of such groups monopolies are slowly but consider projects Omsk enterprises, research institutes and universities. Overall, since 2010 the NP "Siberian engineering" has developed and is implementing more than 40 innovative projects. The plans for 2011 — to create an additional 50 projects. Among the customers — energy companies and petrochemical complexes, JSC "Russian Railways". With the support of the Regional Ministry of Industry organized by the Regional Centre of production and technological cooperation (TSPTK). To work involved more than 30 companies in the main participants of the "SibMash", including 12 members of the nonprofit partnership. The volume of orders being explored was approximately 15 million.

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