Sibmost completed the reconstruction of the federal highway at the entrance to Tomsk


JSC "Sibmost" (Novosibirsk) has completed repair a six-kilometer section of federal highway M-53 at the entrance to Tomsk, thanks to the renovation site brought to the technical parameters of the second category.

Before the reconstruction part of the road belonged to the technical category 3, he is now reduced to two categories of parameters.

"Categorization of this line is increased, including through the broadening of the highway roadbed, replacing the pavement — with the expectation of heavy loads. At the federal highway construction work was carried out in the mode of operating, traffic, safety were installed 4 additional lights. In the implementation of the project involved more than 100 people ", — the report said.

The contract value amounted to 329.7 million rubles. Carriageway width increased to 7.5 m prospective traffic by 2022 is defined in the 7.67 million vehicles daily.

For traffic safety in this sector is set 892 meters of barrier fences and 52 new road signs. 

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