Siemens opened in Voronezh production of traction transformers for the needs of Russian Railways

In Voronezh, on the basis of already existing plant "Siemens Transformers," the official opening of the production of traction transformers

This is the first local production in Russia traction components for electric trains and locomotives, including high-speed train Velaro Rus ("Peregrine"), electric freight 2ES10 "Granite" and suburban electric Desiro Rus ("Swallow"). 

The plant, which since February of this year, producing power transformers for the needs of the Russian electricity grid and the CIS countries, will now develop and manufacture traction components — line filter inductors, transformers — for railway transport, taking into account all applicable levels of power and voltage. At the moment, there is already an order to supply 720 electric chokes for "Granite".

Each year, the company can produce about 250 traction transformers depending on the capacity of the equipment produced. The production line is based in Voronezh, given the large experience gained by Siemens factories for the production of traction transformers located in Nuremberg (Germany), Jinan (China) and Mumbai (India). 

"Siemens Transformers" — one of the enterprises of Voronezh industrial cluster, set up under the Department’s "energy transfer." The opening of this plant is a further step in the direction of localization of production Siemens. At the first stage, the enterprise will produce SKD traction transformers, and then for the next two years will fully localize production.

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