Sigma-TC is working on the production of new aircraft Sigma-5

OOO "Sigma-TS" plans to complete the production of two aircraft "Sigma-5" in August and September 2011, said "AviaPort" Chief Designer Sergei Ignatiev enterprise.

According to him, "Sigma-TS" launched four aircraft in production "Sigma-5." The third and fourth aircraft to be manufactured at the end of the year in an extensively modified configuration for other purposes.

The second and third aircraft will have a non-retractable main landing gear, and the front desk will be cleaned, as it provides a towing aircraft. In the first instance on the main set of retractable landing gear fairings are large enough, so the rejection of cleaning racks on the aerodynamics virtually no effect. Non-retractable main landing gear will also have a fairing, but much smaller midsection, said Sergei Ignatiev.

Flight testing of the first prototype of "Sigma-5" are continuing, but with slightly less intensity due to the heavy load on a new subject, said chief designer.

According to him, the company continues working to reduce the weight of the airframe, "Sigma-5": on the second and third aircraft airframe weight is lower than that of the first prototype.

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