Signed a contract for the supply of about 120 Russian anti-tank systems Metis-M1

As it became known at the time the contract is in progress and will only deliver to the needs of the armed forces of Bangladesh, about 120 anti-tank systems "Metis-M1." 

The complex ATGM "Metis-M1" is designed to defeat modern tanks, fitted with ERA, lightly armored targets, fortifications (such as "bunker", "bunker"), and other small targets at any time of day and under difficult weather conditions.

Key benefits and features of the application "Metis-M1" zaklyuchayutsya in sravntelno small size and weight of the components of the complex, which allows you to create compact packs that provide the opportunity transporting his crew of three people. The complex can be transported by any means of transport, as well as aviadesantirovatsya.

The optimal combination of small weight and size and high tactical and technical and operational characteristics can be equipped with a complex "Metis-M1" assault troops, infantry and motorized connections to enhance their combat power in conducting large-scale military operations, as well as special forces in counter-terrorism operations.

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