Signed agreements on deliveries of new aircraft in the Presidential aviaotryad

The production program of wide-body aircraft on VASO its second wind. In addition to the order of 3 planes to Cuba, Administration of the President has signed the contract for the construction of two new aircraft, including one aircraft control.

In the register of public contracts showed up two new contracts for the supply of aircraft for the Special Flight Unit "Russian" of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation (referenceshereandhere). They concluded with the United Aircraft Corporation on non-competitive basis a month ago — April 25, 2013. The basis for their conclusion stated order of the President of the Russian Federation of 25.02.2012 № 73-p. According to its terms, the Arctic Ocean will receive up to the end of 2015 two new Il-96-300, so the number of aircraft of this type in the park reaches ten presidential airline. Probably in the future they will be assigned numbers 96022 and 96023.

 The first of these will be built in the form of IL-96-300 "Salon", its cost — 3.75 mldr. rub. The second is of Il-96-300-CP (M1) for its construction plans to spend 5.2 mldr. rub. According to the register of the same government contracts, this price does not differ from the value of the two extremes of IL-96 of this embodiment of the Arctic Ocean (retrieved in the last year and finish building the 96020 currently 96021), the cost of which amounted to 5,195 mldr. rub. one board. In this case, the contract for their establishment was signed in December 2010 A recent deposited by VASO "salon" on the basis of IL-96 (96019 in 2009) cost the treasury 3.49 mldr. rub.
Financing the construction of two new IL-96 to the Arctic Ocean and is registered in the part of the neprogramnoyFederal Targeted Investment Program.Like a year ago, the program mentioned plans to build four transport helicopters Mi-8 MTV-1 in the years 2013-15 with funding of 1,192 in mldr. rub., a Tu-204-300 modification "Salon" at 1.95 mldr.rub. in 2014-15, the, four An-148-100 or Tu-334SUS, which in 2014-15, the government is ready to spend more than 5,136 mldr. rub. (Ie, 1,284 mldr. Overboard, with the first two 148-100s built for the Arctic Ocean at the price of 1.05 mldr. Rub.). Also FTIP are three restranslyatora Tu-214SR.
In addition to the two previously mentioned in FTIP IL-96 so far in the program added another aircraft to the Arctic Ocean. They became the Mi-8 MTV-1, equipped with a communication, which is expected to pass in 2015. It will be more than the cost of 413 million rubles., Although in the past year, four similar machines cost the budget by 199 million each.

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Photo of Timothy Nikishin site, the image plane control RA-96012.

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