Signed an agreement to build a plant for the production of tires in Ulyanovsk

Agreement on the implementation of the corresponding investment project concluded Governor Sergei Morozov, General Director of OAO "Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation" Dmitry Ryabov, vice-president of "Bridgestone Corporation" Kunitoshi Takeda and senior vice president of the concern "Mitsubishi Corporation" Akira Murakoshi. The document was signed in the presence of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich.

  • In Ulyanovsk region will create one of the largest Russian tire production
  • In Ulyanovsk region will create one of the largest Russian tire production

The company "Bridgestone Corporation" together with its strategic partner, "Mitsubishi Corporation" to build its first in Russia and the CIS plant for the production of automobile tires.

"This will be one of the biggest companies in the region. The total investment in the creation of production will be 12.5 billion rubles.By the second half of 2018 will create about 800 new jobs.
Construction of the plant will begin this year, the start of production is planned for 2016, "- said Governor Sergei Morozov.  The new production will be located in the industrial park — the industrial zone "Volga" in the area of over 80 hectares. It is assumed that in the second half of 2018 the performance of the plant will be 12,000 units a day.

"In the Ulyanovsk region is far from being the first investment project, but this is very special. The scale of partners who have come for cooperation, can actually serve as a hallmark of the investment climate in the region, will help attract other large companies. We attach great importance to this project, and I believe that the commitments that takes Ulyanovsk region, will be fulfilled, "- said Mikhail Babich.

According to the CEO of the Development Corporation of the Ulyanovsk region, Dmitry Ryabov, negotiations with the representatives of "Bridgestone" and Mitsubishi "began in December 2011. "During this time we have thoroughly researched the project. Until mid-June with the companies will sign an agreement of purchase and sale of land, and by the end of July, we expect to complete all the necessary procedures to begin construction. In addition, we will provide investors with significant subsidies, to sum to the boundaries of the site infrastructure. And, of course, guarantee full support at all stages of the project, "- said Dmitry Ryabov.

For the record:

"Bridgestone Corporation" headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) is a world leader in the manufacture of tires and rubber products. The company was founded in 1931. Today, "Bridgestone Group" owns 190 manufacturing plants and research centers in 25 countries. The company has a market in 150 countries. 84% of consolidated sales accounted for tires, the remaining 16% represented a wide range of products and services, including technical rubber products, chemical products, golf equipment, bicycles and other sporting goods.

"Mitsubishi Corporation" — a global integrated Businesses that are active in various sectors, including industrial finance, energy, metalworking, machine tools, chemical industry, food industry and environmental businesses. The company was founded in 1950, is now "Mitsubishi Corporation" has more than 200 offices and subsidiaries in 90 countries and a network of over 500 group companies.

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