Sim-Ross the leader of the introduction of the latest electrical products and high-tech equipment

Update: I do not understand who and what the company lost money "Sim-Ross", as the company focused on the development of a significant reduction in power loss, which is not too small for spaces of our vast country.

I really hope that this has nothing to do with the last name, Caucasophobia etc. ideological considerations.

Maybe someone will convince skeptics of the video interview with Nikita Topuridze, "GK" Sim-Ross ": The best world experience in the Russian developments," which can be found here:

With a group of companies "Sim-Ross" in the Russian energy sector the introduction of the newest associate, unparalleled in our country’s electrical products and high-tech equipment. Thanks to the "Sim-Ross" widely used in our country were self-supporting insulated wire and cable with XLPE insulation, fire-resistant and are flame retardant halogen-free cables, high-voltage cable boxes and more. Sonorous name "Sim-Ross" is very well known in our city as a few years ago, his leadership, with the support of the local authorities decided to build energy in Uglich South industrial park, planning to invest in its creation billions more. On what companies are already working on the Uglich site, which will be launched in the very near future and that they will produce, we said group president "Sim-Ross" Nikita Topuridze.


Nikita Romanovich, let’s recall a little history as your major Russian company "Sim-Ross" just came in Uglich.

— With pleasure. That was seven years ago. We were looking for a couple of years, the site for the plant (when it came to the factory "Nexans» (Nexans)). I was the regional director of the "Nexans" in Russia and the CIS, and always proved his leadership that is needed as soon as possible to establish production in Russia. It was necessary to come to Russia with the products that we previously supplied exclusively from abroad. For several years I was looking for a platform, then I asked to look at Uglich plant, which is to be sold as part of non-core assets of RAO UES. I came to this plant, and I must say I liked it very much. The plant, though not profitable, however, thanks to an experienced director, a good leader Vyacheslav Vasilyevich Sukhomlinova was afloat: it pays for itself, and not have to lay off workers, all paid salaries on time and so on. On site was clean and tidy — the factory we immediately liked and we bought it.

What is attractive for us was Uglich? Since the choice I did almost single-handedly, I will say it bluntly: I just fell in love with Uglich. Significantly, that I met from the very beginning is very good, friendly attitude of the Administration Uglich and Eleanor Mihajlovny Sheremetyevo, and others. Good attitude and was part of the Administration area. The administration of Uglich around helped, as, of course, when you create a technology park, creating the first enterprise arose purely organizational issues. In general, helped to settle in Uglich, to feel at ease. This, of course, very important. Next time we all felt and continue to feel supported.

The plant we acquired first for "Nexans", later on, when he started working on their own, we lost, "Nexans’ half of the territory, including the main shops. In 2008, the plant was launched "Nexans". Then we brought our largest partner, the partner of the group of companies "Sim-Ross" — American group "Tyco Electronics» (Tyco Electronics). Now she has mastered so far only one shop, but eventually plans to create the largest in Eastern Europe, production at the Uglich site. I should note: It is important that these two plants were started immediately before the crisis. Then came the crisis, and "Tyco Electronics" wait a little bit with their plans. As for the "Sim-Ross", we also built before the crisis on its territory (in fact, in the industrial park "Sim-Ross"), the two objects: a large logistics center on site, which is opposite, across the road and on the mainland — modern workshop, where we organized the assembly of high-voltage coupling that is in demand by the consumer.

And now you are building a new plant?

— Yes, it is an enterprise which we create in the South industrial park — the first real high-tech innovation project. Pech comes to producing a new generation of high-voltage wires. Briefly tell. This wire-like Z, it is twisted wire form zuboobraznoy. The result is a kind of lock, which means that we have a completely, radically different, much better than the behavior of wires under severe climatic conditions, significantly reduced the voltage loss, increased throughput, and so on.

In Russia such wires are already being produced somewhere?

— In Russia, these wires are not made, and in the world they are made by two companies, one of which — the Belgian "Lamifil» (Lamifil) — our partner that we create this venture on a parity basis — 50 to 50. As for the "Lamifila," this gross competence center for the entire group of wires of the new generation, not only Z wires. Operates another plant of another company that produces Z wire, there is another plant that produces composite core wire. But there is no one company that would be the competence center for the entire group of these wires. In "Lamifile" has its casting of aluminum and copper alloys, their laboratories, a research center, plus the company itself. Due to the speed, due to the volume of the company can afford to give only value proposition, as the unit cost of production is much lower. And to deliver products in a very short time. Now all we organize here in Russia — namely, in Uglich. Wire type Z are a number of complex features — this is a very serious know-how. They are made of a special alloy — aluminum, high-quality, high-strength, plus a special twist. In order to accurately perform the production of wires Z profiles, and require good equipment, and a very serious experience, which is our partner.

The second type of wires in this group — it’s a high voltage wire composite core. The composite core — this is the material that was used and is always used in the aerospace industry in the first place. The composite core — is already in the field of materials science, so to speak, close to nanotechnology. Such a core produced by two companies in the world. In addition, there are developments in several Russian companies. They do not produce the core, but they have a lot of experience gained in the development of the space industry, in the manufacture of composite materials. Therefore, looking ahead a little bit, I would say that we are negotiating with these companies: they do not know that such a core demand in the energy sector. So we are planning with them to gradually refine and produce the Russian core. So, with the composite core wire, the so-called I-Tee-Pee-Sea (ATPC) — this is a very high technology product, and the use of such a product can significantly save on the number of poles. This ultra-light, ultra-strong material, plus it’s high-line, which greatly increase the bandwidth. Realistically this production is just part of the concept of Russia’s leading networking companies such as FGC, so its use is now attracting the attention of all the network companies in Russia, and the plant will be very popular.

The third type of product will be made of zirconium alloy wire — Is high-temperature wire, the operating temperature even higher — about 25
0 degrees Celsius, respectively, there is a very, very serious advantages in terms of bandwidth. Given the requirements of the project, the customer may need some embodiments wires mixed, for example, a composite core wires, but also have a high degree of tightness, for example, by using Z wire, and so forth. That is, this one works as «Lamifil» in Belgium, will be by the laboratory, the plant, which will be the competence center in Russia for all the new generation of high-voltage wires. That is how we are positioning during our talks with the leading network companies in Russia.

The plant itself is innovative, in terms of products, which we produce, it is really innovative technology. Innovation — is the main word that can serve as the motto of this project, and, of course, we will do everything to ensure that the company itself was innovative in every way. Already ordered equipment naturally, the world’s leading manufacturers of cable equipment in Belgium and Germany. And the newest equipment, the latest generation. The line is made for us and waiting for delivery exclusively to be implemented as soon as the circuit is closed and the building of the plant started up the heat. It will be in mid-October. When delivered, of course, will begin debugging, of course, debugging is very difficult, long, but, nevertheless, in February, we plan to run the plant.


What is the rated capacity at the new plant? What is the investment?

— The first stage of the plant when it reaches its design capacity will be about eight or nine thousand kilometers of high-voltage conductors in the year. This volume is sufficient for the market of Russia and CIS. We are even planning to certain export. Since we are talking about innovative technologies, the market is not as developed as in ordinary cases. Here, decisions are made on the implementation of these technologies, and further there is mass adoption. In Russia, hundreds of thousands of kilometers of lines that need to be replaced, and, indeed, we expect that our products will be used very, very widely. Has already signed a contract with the Federal Network Company that they are interested in our products. They take the initiative for the early development of this production. When we are able to provide product samples and the results of its tests, it will be about the bulk purchase of this product.

As for investments, it is by far invested about 160 million rubles. In October, we need to bring investment to 250 million rubles. In the second half of October, attracting investment loan until the end of the year will be invested in the creation of this company 650 million rubles. It’s pretty serious figure. The parameters of the project, according to the business plan is consistent with the 16 million euro.

When a new plant in the city inhabitants are always concerned about the question whether it is harmful to the production environment?

— No way. Cable plants in general — is not harmful to the production environment, if the relevant treatment facilities. Therefore, if there are any problems with the environment around some cable plant, the explanation is simple — he saved at the treatment plants, because in our industry, I can say with knowledge of the matter, the plants are located almost within the boundaries of cities such as Paris , Hanover, Cologne, etc. Do you understand what the requirements of the European Union to the environment.

As for our new plant, then there will be no chemistry at all. We are talking about metal. This non-insulated wire, there will be no application isolation. It is known that the possible contamination due to the insulation of cross-linked polyethylene or other plastic materials. We are talking about the metal, ie, wire drawing of stainless wire rod made of aluminum or zirconium alloy corresponding profile and further twisting of this wire the finished product.

How will the industrial park next? Most likely, one plant is not limited?

— Provided a huge project. First, we are launching in February. By the end of next year, if everything goes the way we plan, we are launching the second place (90% probability). Next, we provide development: the third and fourth turns. It’s about production, making the release of this product. We eventually plan to virtually the entire industrial park that’s filled with this innovative high-tech production. And then we have a dream: to create a platform in front of our another Western partner too serious production. One can say that we have come here to stay and are not going to be limited to only one plant.

Nikita Romanovich, and for uglichan at a new plant there are jobs?

— Required. The plant, launched in February on the first production line will run forty-five to fifty-workers. Workers as such will not, because the production is very tech: will, of course, ITRy and operators. We are now conducting recruitment. We are currently looking for experienced engineers cablemen and administrative staff. We have, of course, everything is, when and what kind of shots we needed to take. In the near future we will have to, since the second half of October, to recruit engineers, workers, etc. Naturally, we want to create a certain competition to select the best.

We would like to begin cooperating with the Uglich and regional higher and secondary technical schools. With the head of the district Eleanor Sheremetyeva we talked about the fact that we hold such a meeting and begin to develop such cooperation. As I have said, are provided for the launch of the next stage of production. Each queue — that’s about the same number of staff. We need, and the prospect of cooperation with universities and technical schools in order to prepare the staff together, or maybe they’re on our order would prepare specific frames. Now first of all, we will improve the skills of cadres, and even competent professionals, which we type. All employees of the plant will take at least one month of training in Belgium, at the "Lamifil." Will continue to set up a permanent system of training, professionals will come here and train. Naturally, it is very efficient, because all the people who are constantly working in the factory, and even once in two months will improve their skills. Thus, we have a lot of employees bring to high technical expertise.

May I ask, what would be the salary of employees at the new plant "Sim-Ross"?

— Salaries are good. Do not be afraid to make such a statement: salaries are the highest in Uglich.

Thank you, Nikita Romanovich, a very upbeat interview.

REFERENCE "HS"Nikita Romanovich Topuridze — President of the Group of Companies "Sim-Ross". In power since his name is associated with many modern implementations, which has no analogues in Russia electrical products and high-tech equipment. Nikita Romanovich has seventeen years of experience in the energy sector. But in his biography, and many other bright pages: working as a diplomat in the UN and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the editorship in reputable journals, translated several plays that do not descend from the stage capital’s theaters. In 1992, when the general euphoria of the mythical freedoms began to evaporate Topuridze knew it was time to do something different, more specific. He joined the Franco-Russian MBA from the All-Russian Academy of Foreign Trade. Trained and defended a diploma in Paris. After finishing his sentence was waiting for a cable to do business in Russia. In 1994, Nikita Romanovich Topuridze was appointed regional director of the corporation Alcatel
Cable (since 2001 — Nexans). In this role, he worked until 2007. Then he led a group of companies "Sim-Ross".

October 7, 2011. / / Uglich newspaper Interviewed by Alex Suslov

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