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He is 29 years old, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and he lives here — in Moscow. And it talks about the foreigners. His name is Tim Kirby.
Tsar Podcast — the name of his project, which he does with Paul Kartaeva. This is a video about Moscow. Tim is very extraordinary man, and therefore the relevant subjects. Do not know how the aliens, but the Russian (or at least know a little English) watch with great curiosity. Swear, approve, discuss and … wait for the next series

"King Podcast" Tim Kirby — "Moscow, which is not."

"Russia — this is a very obscure country to foreigners. In the West, no one knows anything about Russia. Because I am — a man who loves Russia. I thought, ‘Well, come on, we will show the truth to everyone that there is a fun, well come to visit and live. "
Interview with Tim Kirby on the radio "Echo of Moscow".…s/poputchiki/652819-echo/

Tim is going to show you his Russia … Historic … Tasty … Beautiful … On the screen krovavoalom consistently emerge St. Basil’s Cathedral, painted pelvis with dumplings, carnivorous beauty in fur hat. "Tim will show you my Russian … of … Yum … beautiful …"

— I originally made his podcasts for Westerners. That they may see that the Russian people are not evil and do not want to kill them. And then I began to receive comments from the Russian. And these comments! .. That is, imagine that the Russian is coming to America, and said: "I love your country, I want to show the world what America is cool." All he would have answered: "Of course, well done, so be it!" — But here everything is sent in response to my videos, what in Russia g * UPE. Here I am in a video walking down the street, I wrote: "You see what our worthless streets, better street in America" — this mentality is killing Russia, and in his podcasts, I want to deal with it.

The second project of Tim Kirby — already on the Russian. Actually, this is one of the sites of his struggle. I find in YouTube: "The war of words", episode 8, "It’s time to win." Artistic Tim on the screen — a good-natured round face, round eyes in astonishment: "This site is made by the Russian people — how and why it is necessary to leave Russia. And in the "Learn" I found a community that is called "It’s time to bring down" … I can not imagine that America was the site made by the Americans, which shows that it is necessary to get away from America for good … I created antisoobschestvo in the "Learn". If you want to discuss, not how to escape from Russia and how to be leaders, let’s sit in my community and discuss how to make Russia better! "

— Nowhere is passion! — Continues debriefing Tim Kirby. — Zhirinovsky — fake passion, it is a step forward, but if there was actual passion, it would be even better. Or Zyuganov — much of what he says, I like it, but he never wins. Right now there will be elections — even I could do a better candidate than Zyuganov, and in fact he had so many people who have the resources he could arrange some second revolution. But no, he sits, he is satisfied with the second place! After all, is unrealistic, he said — said openly! — He hates the new world order. Can you imagine what his eggs … — the word "eggs" Tim touching puts accent on the first syllable — … so to speak! But to become president — no. He’s an interesting person, but he is a coward.
— Maybe he just does not give the presidency.
— As they say in America, if the game is not fair, do not play that game. So he needs something outside the system organized. And do other propaganda. Elections — it’s emotion and faith. If the fight on YouTube, if you use a different technology! ..
— If you fight, and you can be in jail.
— Well, if a person wants to be president, you have to be prepared for this. Hitler was in prison, Mandela was in prison …

By the way, about the proper promotion and technology Tim Kirby recently spoke at a rally popular bloggers (yes, there are such) in Istoben in connection with a different theme. He was there a report entitled "Why do not rest on the Russian homeland, and the Americans — only at home."

Were in the report and plain historical digressions (50 years in the United States — the perfect American family and a lot of money in the Soviet Union, Khrushchev thought of the food), and "kulturna difference" (a white American from birth knows that he came from somewhere, where were depression, hunger, war, in an America that is better in all countries, and Russian in 90 years went to the West and saw the tape, chips and rock and roll), and some platitudes (in America, the roads are good, in Russian roads are bad), and bribe naivety (to get rid of corruption), and reasonably interesting observations "from outside". For example, Tim pointed to the screen in left — American site Ohio (one of the most boring places in the U.S.), right — Russian site Perm (of which are trying to do almost the second capital). As a result, the left drew some juicy "Murzilka" with a screaming headline Too Much Fun for Just One Day («Too much fun for one day"), and on the right — the so-called HS (for those who are not familiar with the acronym — "sad shit") with weather forecast, a gallery of portraits of local officials and a ribbon of news like "Governor Oleg Chirkunov’s message to the Forum" Sawmill-2011 ‘. " But the most entertaining in the report was not it, but the very fact that an American blogger Tim Kirby attended to the problem of Russia’s domestic tourism and has done on this issue audible report in a slide show.
— Russian stereotypes of American cities know better than their own. In Los Angeles — Hollywood in Las Vegas — A casino … we have what stereotypes? Is that because of the "Our Rasche," we now know that the most austere city we have — Chelyabinsk. I do not like "Our Rush." The anti-Russian propaganda …

— Russia’s problem is that there is no id
eology — says Tim.
— Political strategists are struggling with this problem, but so far nothing has come up.
— Because they do not have the passion.
— And what would you come up with an ideology?
— I’m not yet ready to formulate its manifesto. But what is important: when was the first Day of Russia as well? In America, this day is obvious, and it is associated with the myth of freedom, about the best constitution in the world … And that’s the beginning of Russia now — is the collapse of the USSR and betrayal. Every culture has a myth — where are they, and in Russia this myth is terrible. Now, if we have was a red flag — Tim takes a hand towel and a red evening for her loving wags — it would mean that all began in October 17 th year, and all those who have died for the sake of communism did not die in vain. People built underground Komsomol, hands-free! They fought, they suffered … The first time women voted for the first time free medical care — Russian did it all first!

I listen to Tim and I think that he just moved to the Russian love that, in his own words, any American has for America. His love for my country is unconditional — as a father’s love for his daughter, a love of a son to his mother. This fanatical love, it does not tolerate doubt, it does not set conditions. I’m not sure that she would love his own country. But I’m sure in one thing — the main thing — he’s right. "It is time to bring down" — not the best for the future, it is — the slogan for the losers.

— Need a red flag — Tim Stokes napkin. — Whether it is called communism or not.

Your Rush (abridged) — "Russian Reporter", Anna Starobinets…/2011/08/17/vasha_russia/

It’s time to Win — LJ Tim Kirby.
tkirby3679 — Tim Channel on YT.

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