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Ltd. "XJ Technologies" (XJ Technologies) — one of the leading companies in the field of tools and business applications of simulation in the world and the absolute leader in Russia.



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XJ Technologies has developed, brought to market and improves AnyLogic — a new generation of tools MI, bringing together the approaches of system dynamics, the "process" discrete event and agent-based modeling. AnyLogic — is the choice of thousands of users around the world, hundreds of commercial organizatsiyi hundreds of universities. The number of our clients is constantly growing both through migration from other products, and due to market expansion: AnyLogic makes THEM applicable where before it seemed impossible. AnyLogic has become the corporate standard for business modeling in many multinational companies.

XJ Technologies Branches Worldwide
XJ Technologies Branches Worldwide

XJ Technologies — a company with 100% Russian capital, the owner of all intellectual property rights in the product AnyLogic, as well as on the international trademark AnyLogic. On the territory of the Russian Federation XJ Technologies is direct product sales. Outside Russia deystvut network of 27 distributors, covering six continents from Australia to North America. In addition, the company has two subsidiaries in Europe and North America.

XJ Technologies has existed since the mid-90s. AnyLogic was released and first shown at Winter Simulation in 2000. Currently, the company employs about 30 people. XJ Technologies head office is located in St. Petersburg.

History of the (

In the early 1990’s in computer science, there was great interest in the construction are treated mathematically describe the interaction of parallel processes. What impact on the approaches to the analysis of the correctness of parallel and distributed programs. A team of scientists from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University has developed software to analyze the correctness of the system, a new tool called COVERS (Parallel Simulation and Verification). System processes wondered analyzed graphically by a description of its structure and behavior of individual parallel components, which can interact with the surroundings — to other processes and the environment. The tool used in research projects of the company Hewlett-Packard (English Hewlett-Packard).

In 1998, inspired by the success of this research lab to organize a commercial company with a mission to create new software for simulation. Emphasis is placed on the development of applied methods: modeling of stochastic systems, optimization and visualization model. New software released in 2000, was based on the latest advantages of information technology: an object-oriented approach, the elements of the standard UML, the programming language Java, a modern GUI, etc.

Three approaches of simulation product called AnyLogic, because he supported all three known methods of modeling[4]:

  • system dynamics;
  • discrete event (process) modeling;
  • Agent-based modeling.

Also, any combination of these approaches within the same model. The first version was given the index 4 — Anylogic 4.0, as numbering continued development of previous versions of the story — COVERS 3.0.

A huge step forward was made in 2003, when he was released AnyLogic 5-oriented business modeling. With AnyLogic has become possible to develop models in the following areas[5]:

  • production;
  • logistics[6] and supply chain[7];
  • market and competition;
  • business processes and service industries;
  • healthcare and pharmaceuticals;
  • asset management and project management;
  • telecommunications and information systems;
  • social and ecological systems;
  • Pedestrian dynamics;
  • defense.

Vechatlyaet list of their clients:…y/selected-customers-rus/


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