Since July 1, officials have no right to demand an extract from the Unified State Register

News from the legislative sphere. Most likely the news does not apply to the subject site (because publish in offtopic), but the laws governing life in our country and one of the innovations Latest one greatly simplifies the state. bodies of all the ordinary citizens. In the near future, officials will be hostages of their own bureaucratic trap — the need to run after numerous inquiries and documents.


According to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, with the July 1, 2012 at the regional level should begin to work the system of interagency electronic interaction (SMEV). Federal Law № 210 "On organization of public and municipal services" forbade officials to require citizens with information that is already available in state agencies. This means that from now on municipal and regional authorities have no right to demand from the citizens of documents issued Rosreestra, they should seek their own.

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