Since the beginning of 2011 the Russian fishermen produced 2 million 734.1 thousand tons of aquatic biological resources.


It is 175.7 thousand tons, or 6.9%, higher than the same period last year.
Traditionally, the leader in terms of yield Far pool. As RIA at the center of public relations Rosrybolovstva from 1 January of the current year are produced 1 million 916.4 thousand tons of FBG. It is 226.4 thousand tons more than in 2010 Pollock fishermen caught 1 million 179.2 thousand tons, 29.9 million tons below last year’s level.
In the North Basin total catch reached 421.2 thousand tons. The increase compared with the results for the same period in 2010 — 57.9 thousand tons. The production volumes of cod amounted to 220.7 thousand tons (25.7 tons compared to last year’s level.)
The lag is stored in the The Baltic Sea. Here fishermen produced 25.1 million tons of aquatic biological resources (-3.1 thousand tons). The volume of the main subject — sprat — 3 tons lagged behind last year and at the balance sheet date amounted to 13.8 thousand tons.
In Azov-Black Sea basin disbursed 19.5 thousand tons FBG. This is 0.4 million tons more than in 2010
On the plus side worked and fishermen Caspian Basin: Total catch of 20.6 million tons, up 0.5 million tons more than the same period last year.

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