Sitronics and Intracom Telecom released a microwave radio solution for outdoor use

"Sitronics" and Intracom Telecom announced the release of a fully functional microwave radio solutions for outdoor use OmniBAS-XR.


OmniBAS-XR is the newest addition to the line of microwave products OmniBAS for packet data such as "point to point" and is an IP-solution to be placed completely out of the room (full outdoor solution). The solution provides high spectral density and bandwidth of the communication channel, as well as advanced functionality to manage and control traffic. OmniBAS-XR operates at frequencies 38GGts 7, with a throughput capacity of 400 Mbit / s through a single channel with continuous adaptive modulation QAM to 256 inclusive. The solution supports all the features of Carrier Ethernet, quality of service (QoS), operation, administration and maintenance at the level of the channel (OAM) and synchronization.

«OmniBAS-XR is best for the organization of the" last mile ", allows the efficient and flexible deployment of new transport networks or upgrade existing ones," — says the vice president of emerging technologies "Sitronics" Michael Minkovskiy. — "The solution also meets the requirements of 4G networks on the outside placement of small base stations and can be used to organize a reliable IP-communication in the corporate and public networks at any time, in any place, even in the most difficult conditions."

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