Six ZRPK Armour-C prematurely transferred to the Ministry of Defense and the bear will go on combat duty in Sochi

Six ZRPK "Shell-C" prematurely transferred to the Ministry of Defense and the bear will go on combat duty in Sochi, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

  • MAKS-2013
  • MAKS-2013

"Today, these cars will go to the troops for the important combat mission — safety Olympic Winter Games in Sochi," — said the deputy chairman of the government. In turn, the chief of air defense troops of Russian Air Force Viktor Gumennyy noted that the six "C-Shell" passed "in order to advance the state defense order for two months in 2013."

"The first six combat vehicles produced today and will be sent on the Tula Ashuluk in Sochi with the holding in Ashuluk initial firings," — said Gumennyy. According to him, these two months have been very important in order to train crews.

"Military Air Force missile crews will make every effort to complete the task of fighting for the protection of the southern air borders of our country, to ensure the safety of the Olympic Winter Games" — said Gumennyy. Dmitry Rogozin has placed special emphasis on the reliability of the "C-Shell". According to him, the outstanding characteristics of the complex can destroy ballistic and aerodynamic targets, which can be directed against Russia’s civilian infrastructure facilities.

"In fact, today we are at the beginning of creating a family of air defense systems" Shell. "It’s very important," — said Deputy Prime Minister.

In conclusion, he stressed that the government is determined to fully implement the program of arms until 2020, and will soon begin training on the new LG years 2016-2025, which will be innovative. It will be fully focused on the reflection of the current and future threats to our military security.

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