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The book sentences Toulouse Inquisition for the years 1308-1323 has a record of actually virgins Claire Michelet, who "saw his hands." Of the case and other details have been preserved.

The minutes of the Ghent Court of the Inquisition of 15 March 1379 reported that the defendant Catherine Tauftag "boasted to neighbors that knows how to distinguish between the embroidered pattern with your fingers without looking at the eyes and without touching the canvas." The investigation has ascertained that it is the gift of the devil, for which Catherine was deprived of the patronage of the church and is committed to the execution stake.

In September 1962, the ability of Roses Kuleshova recognize skin color, blind, wrote all Soviet newspapers. A special commission of the USSR has not confirmed the accuracy of the facts, but the possibility of an alternative view has not been disproved.

The unreliability of expertise

How much easier to do physical or chemical experiments! Dripped acid — hissed, boiled — gurgled. Regardless of any of the stars or the weather, or the mood of the tube. Another matter to explore the unique ability not the smartest girl in the world, pretty eccentric, chattering incessantly about his genius and thus prone to mystification.

She wants to show themselves in the best light, but as luck would have it, "today is not the voice." And she begins to "improve performance", peeping, priviraya. As a result, it announced charlatan, and further work with her — unpromising.

However, research has not stopped. They are engaged in special services of different countries.

The main problem was to find the objects of study. Who to look for? Where? How? Go there — not Sure where …

Not even known whether such abilities are unique. No one of us "no shops" to what might we see the skin. Even if such an ability exists, then catch it through the stream of video sequences, which falls on us through the usual sight, as difficult as it heard a whisper close to the plane takes off. Also, as it turned out, for a clear perception of the signals of the skin of the need for lengthy training. Yes, our mistrust, imagination …

Dozens of people, eyes closed, feel rushed colored balls of wool and something "feeling", have announced that they have such a gift. Most of them do not even have passed testing. Selected was a small group, was considered the best 11-year-old Vera Petrova of Ulyanovsk. Ability Roses Kuleshova by then weakened, and soon she died of a brain tumor.

First results

After a certain laws of different countries deadlines preliminary design has been declassified. Revealed some trends. First, the alternative vision shows and optimized simulators are best for children 9-12 years old. Second, the vast majority of the holders of such abilities are women. Probably, the sensitivity of the skin to light more strongly than men. Perhaps, by the way, is why women are better tan.

But showed up and more interesting facts.

First of all, it was proved that in the skin of subjects there is no "rods and cones" that our eyes perceive video images. The nature of the perception of color and light skin probably has nothing to do with the optics of the eye.

The acuteness of perception of color is only slightly dependent on the brightness of objects. Some subjects are four workers of color (black, green, blue and red) in the dark.

Action was not only the fingers and palms, but also other areas of the skin: the ears, feet, and other places where the acupuncture points. This explains the introduction of the term "skin vision" and an increased interest in the study of Chinese scientists.

Computers in aid

Chinese acupuncture still remains an area of uncertainty. Points themselves are easily defined using a simple ohmmeter (probe), but no connection points between themselves or with the brain, or with sick bodies did not show up. Similarly, skin vision.

Leather reacts to light, at least ultraviolet. The result is known to everyone — tan. The chemistry it is known — produced black pigment melanin. But what causes the body to produce it — is unknown!

Studies have accelerated, when Taiwan scholar Li Xi Chang proposed the use in experiments, electric and magnetic encephalography (EEG and MEG). It was found that the EEG of the brain not engaged identification seen, looking like a void, is markedly different from the EEG of the brain, trying something to consider. Incidentally, these EEG dermal vision form the third group, which confirms its different nature, not duplicate optical images produced by the brain through the eye.

Long-term research work with children is always painful. The scatter of data derived from them terrifying. That puts their unbridled imagination, it binds the desire to say "just right." Objective data EEG greatly simplified the work, made the use of powerful computers, but the answer to the question "how does it work?" Was not given.

The range of hypotheses

The idea of the mechanism of tactile perception has arisen first. Any spot of dye at least 0.1-0.3 mm stands on a flat surface. In Braille used for blind readers, the height of the embossing does not exceed 0.5 mm. That is, with heightened perception can be detected and a lower height. However, as soon as this hypothesis was discarded because it does not explain the difference between the recognition of color. Seem to be more fruitful hypotheses associated with the emission of all the objects of nature. Microscopic radiation of different frequencies produce everything.

We see the world with the light in a certain frequency range. Ultraviolet and infrared part of the spectrum our eyes do not recognize. accepts a wider range. It is noted that there is some shift in the infrared band. In other words, the wheel we can see that the available eye. Therefore, the perception of color is in principle different, not like the usual sense. The brain receives signals from the skin "in a different encoding."

It's like a record of the same sound with different alphabets: Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic script, Georgian and so on — until the Morse code. And the brain needs to adapt (pre-training) to "recognize" the color in the form of a set of sensations, does not resemble the perception of the eyes. Some feel, for example, the red color as the heat, while others — like the convex surface, and others — as a combination of these symptoms.

But that is a source of radiation which provides skin vision? Possible options. Can radiate space, sun, stars. "Light" objects themselves are at least the same colored balls of wool. But can emit and the skin itself, capturing the reflected rays, and acting as a kind of "visual sonar."

Investigations are continuing. The main thing is that they objectively prove the reality of the skin. It remains to understand its nature, to learn to use it. To accomplish this, mankind has been able to help a pretty big part of my — people devoid of vision. While the experiments are encouraging.

Nicholas Sazhnev

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