Skolkovo Fund invests in Nanooptic


  • Optical microchip at IBM,
  • Optical microchip at IBM,

Fund "Skolkovo" provided LLC "Nanooptics" grant in the amount of 30 million rubles. for the project "Application of numerical planar integrated optics, holography," associated with the technology of digital processing of the light. The project involves the development of optical microchip the size of 0.1-5 mm, intended for the treatment of the light signal. These microarrays allow hundreds of times to increase the speed of data transmission over the existing fiber network and increase the level of protection and the quality of the encoding.

The first prototype of the product will be released in February-March 2013 Project completion is scheduled for 2014, and the organization of mass production (up to 10 thousand microchips) is scheduled for 2015

This was reported yesterday ComNews CEO "Nanooptic Devices" Sergei Shurenkov. "The first prototype of the product is sub-miniature spectrometer, weighing 50 grams and the size of a conventional flash drive, for the monitoring of the laser light (based on optical chip), and it will be released in February-March 2013 Project completion is scheduled for 2014, and the organization of mass production — up to 10 thousand microchips — is planned for 2015 to 2020 the company plans to produce more than one million optical microchips per year — spectrometers (integrated into smart phones, home appliances and microelectronics) — determination of the quality of food, water, air, the presence of harmful UV radiation — solutions for telecom (high speed Internet in existing networks, cable television and communication system with unlimited encoding the signal) — optical connection inside the PC / PC processor (data transmission over electrical wiring to 100 times less than the rate of the optical communication, which limits further increase the performance of today’s computers), "- said Sergey Shurenkov.

According to Sergei Shurenkova, at the end of 2009 unique technology to digitally integrated optics, the foundations of which were laid in the United States by scientists — people from the Russian Federation, Russian registration received by investing venture capital fund "S-Group Ventures", established with capital of "Russian Venture Company "(RVC). "Today, the project has received new support from our state in the face of the Center of Research and Commercializing of New Technologies — Innovation center" Skolkovo ". This example clearly shows that, contrary to popular belief" about the flight to the West’s best minds and technologies "in Russia scheduled a new trend — attraction of foreign and development of emerging technologies within and for the benefit of our country. Which is obvious and clear message to the community about the choice of innovative ways to modernize the Russian economy, "- said Sergey Shurenkov.

"Company" Nanooptics "- a good example of technology transfer in the international market. Implementation of such projects consistent with the goals of program activities in the MER of the globalization of the Russian innovation industry. This work is performed RVC and venture capital funds established with capital of RVC, in close collaboration with other development institutions , including the Fund "Skolkovo". fact that our project portfolio company has received grant support from the innovation center "Skolkovo", confirms the effectiveness of joint work on the development of the ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship in Russia ", — the press service quoted RVC general manager investment portfolio, a board member of the RVC Michael Tsygankova.

Ltd. "Nanooptics" — subsidiary company "Nanooptic Devices", which is a portfolio company of venture fund "S-Group Ventures", created with the participation of RVC capital.


Author: Andrew Fedoseyev

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