Slavic Commonwealth 2013: training completed. Military

partnership continues!

At Training Ground "Prudboy", Volgograd Oblast, Russian Federation, with the completion of the second phase of the active phase of the maneuvers were over extensive tripartite exercises "Slavic Commonwealth-2013". As part of a joint battalion in carrying out tasks in the context of armed conflict, act side by side members of the armed forces of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In particular, during the final stage of the practical actions of the active phase of the military exercises of mechanized units 93rd separate Guards Mechanized Brigade of the 6th Army Corps, Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of a joint battalion reached the area of building columns, carried out visual inspection of machines and the link. Then, set the signal, the unit came to the fore in the source area for blocking and destruction of identified conventional enemy forces.

In order to perform the tasks Ukrainian mechanized units for the destruction of the identified illegal armed groups, to the right of the location of the Ukrainians, operated at the tactical field units of the Russian Federation. On the other flank was airmobile division of the Republic of Belarus.

— Using high-speed capabilities and cross light armored vehicle "Tiger", a mechanized company has popped up on a watershed dismounting, using air support for a pair of Mi-28 — said the military exercises by the intermediary of the Ukrainian delegation, Major Eugene Chuprina. — After taking the position, the personnel of the company on the team began to carry out the destruction of detected militants in the Gaza responsibility, using blank cartridges and simulation tools.

Going forward, step by step, in this direction, Ukrainian troops "destroyed" firepower "the enemy."

— The main objectives of our division performed in full and at a set time — said the commander of the 1st Mechanized Battalion, 93rd mechanized brigade of the 6th Army Corps, Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Andrei Svetlinskaya. — At the military camp of the militants mechanized company came out on time, nothing made a care in the direction of standby reserves.

Traditionally, the last day of the exercise between units of the joint Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian battalion held sporting event. In particular, in the championship in mini-football in a fierce wrestling Ukrainian unit ranked second and third in volleyball. In addition, the ancient Slavic tradition of military units between the teams of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine took place in tug of war competition, in which the representatives of Ukrainian subdivisions took second place. However, in spite of the official results of the sporting event, according to the unanimous approval of the judges won a victory joint Russian-Belarusian-Ukrainian unit.

— The current teachings of the "Slavic Commonwealth" were a continuation of tactical exercises with this title, which started last year in Ukraine at the military range "Wide lan", — said the head of the Ukrainian military delegation Colonel Sergei Gulidov. — It is only logical that the next year the military of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus hope to meet these exercises at the site of the Republic of Belarus.

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