SLBM Liner successfully tested and will be adopted by the Navy


On the arms of the Navy of Russia in the near future will come a new strategic missile "Liner", said the head of the State Rocket Center named after Makeev — Developer Vladimir Degtar missile system.

"Now begins the phase of the inter-ministerial committee, and then will transfer complex (" Liner "-" Interfax-AVN ") by the Navy" — quoted V.Degtyarya’s enterprise.

According to a report at a meeting with trade union activists center V.Degtyar noted that test launches of missiles were successfully held on May 20 and September 29.

A source in the General Staff of the Russian Navy previously reported "Interfax-AVN," which defense systems "Liner", along with an upgraded missile "Blue," will be equipped with strategic submarines of the Northern Fleet 667BDRM "Dolphin", which will allow the Northwest submarine support group a high level of combat readiness, at least until 2025-2030 years.

Rockets ‘Liner’ can be equipped with ten warheads small class power with the means of countering missile warheads or eight of the same class, but with an extra outfit countermeasures or four warheads power of the middle class with the means of countering missile defense.

The strategic marine missile "Liner" missile developed by the State Center Makeyev and made the Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant

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