Sleeping in the southern match

[Img =] Program of the 8th round match ended with the two southern teams, who in order to avoid the nagging and popular scientific explanation of the word "derby" is simply called the principal opposition. In the past year, "growth" and "Kuban" instead of choosing from the quagmire of the first division, this has had in the good surprise of the Premier League militancy and a pretty good team game. The victims were Rostovites CSKA and "Zenith", Krasnodar beat "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". It follows from this simple conclusion that if these teams are capable of in the case of beat rivals such means in the Russian league, they can beat anyone. [Cut] This "growth" in the event of victory went up to the top five that event for the team of Oleg Dolmatova’m not exactly an unpleasant name. In "Kuban" tournament fold worse cases, but if he wins the wards Sergei Ovchinnikov climb into the top ten, which is also a phenomenon quite pleasant to Krasnodar. Both coaches have long found their compositions, so that the starting positions of the teams did not cause surprise. Only here Ovchinnikov again put into the goal by Alexei Botvineva, which in turn protects the gate with Bogdan Karyukina. The first, at the same time, on account of getting 5 games, and 3 of the fight in the asset Bogdan, but it was he who defended the gate, "Kuban" in the previous two rounds. You can not say that the first half went very much fun. Overcrowded stands Krasnodar stadium frankly bored, but they warmed hope that favorite team is going to win. Both teams tried to combine, but they are all efforts were winding down a huge amount of inaccurate transmission, often it happened in the simplest of situations. But the struggle and suffered enough, though a rough game can not be called. Of such episodes can recall only dangerous attack against Botvineva Lengyel, after which the goalkeeper had to help. In other fouls were a game character. Gave inaccurate transmission, ran back and pulled the shirt over. Completely lost in this game, Alan Kasai, moves from flank to flank, but his place and has not found. Trying to think of something on the left Drumalee Hamina, but it sensible actions are. That took a shot from the front line, the pass will give inaccurate. Mainly engaged in the destruction of the Rostov and creators — Kulchiy, aspen and Astafev. During the break, the coaches have done without replacement, and the nature of the game is also not changed. Once it became even more fouls and match referee Sergei Karasev increasingly began to whistle and regularly climbed into his pocket for a yellow card. The first time, similar to the dangerous, there was already after the teams played 60 minutes. Akimov went out to the goal, but the ball went clearly does not have. There have been promising situation and "Kuban", but they are not dangerous to stop. Kasai, in the second half, began to play a much more active, let yourself away from the ball when a partner ran a counter-attack "two in two." Traore, while in the area, did not hit the ball, being in the destructive position. As for the one to pass the ball to Traore clear offside position, although he had other options for the attack. In yet another episode, Alan missed the target from 20 yards. Dzhioev struck free kick from 30 yards, but hit the wall. Again Dzhioev waylaid rebound after the standard, but ran the ball into the stands. In one of the episodes Mandrykin blocked strike face, after which he assisted. "Kuban", as it were crushed, as if to push, but it was not enough to score a "growth", which managed to resist the attacks of CSKA and "Zenith". If memory serves this writer, the army team scored "growth" with the own goal Rozhkov, and the St. Petersburg group implemented a questionable penalty. The first change of the match occurred in the 78th minute when Oleg Dolmatov removed from the game and released forward Lebedenco defender Circassian. Apparently, knowing that his team three points in this game do not shine, the experienced coach has decided to secure the gate. Ovchinnikov said Tlisova that traditionally went for a couple of minutes before the final whistle. Dolmatov in stoppage time spent and the remaining two changes, but it’s already been tactical options. "Growth", as it seemed, has made quite confident and secure away draw and pushed the "Dynamo" in the seventh line in the table.

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