Small business in the United States: Better Mafia than government oversight services

The ratio for Oversight Services (nurses, firefighters, architects, inspectors licenses, etc.) to small business owners successfully characterized the policies Republican Eric Ulrich of Queens. The main causes of penalties he called "arbitrary and capricious» (very arbitrary and capricious). Inspector tend to come at the most inopportune moment and write tickets (fines), the validity of which defies logical explanation.

Here are just a few stories quite typical for New York.

The first case. 99 Cents store owner closed for a day to paint the walls in the room. Then, of course, he takes off from the walls of the plates and certificates. In the midst of repairing the inspector comes and prescribes a penalty for absence on the walls of these same labels and certificates.

The second case. The small restaurant runs a noisy party. The inspector has the room for one person more than the statutory rules allow. Moreover, it takes into account even those visitors who smoke and talk on the street, as well as cooks, waiters, bass-fighting and standing at the entrance bouncer.

The case of the third. The fire inspector writes a fine of $ 5000 for a problem with the system, central air conditioning, which worked in the office for over 25 years. Up to this point the system no inspector was not interested.

The case of the fourth. Torrential rain on the street leads to the discharge of three penalties: Based on the wet tracks on a tile inspector concludes that the complete lack of sanitation in the business.

The case of the fifth. The lack of price tags on one kind of chewing gum Groser, a showcase which has at least a hundred different products, it becomes a cause for the ticket. The second penalty immediately issued for the poorly stamped label on the jar of canned soup. Fastidious inspector can not distinguish between what the price is $ 2.99 or $ 3.99.

The case of the sixth. A small shop for the sale of fresh meat and fish is fine for a bad smell in the room. A person engaged in butchering meat gets a ticket for not tidy appearance. The level of flavor and purity of clothing is determined by the inspector on the eye.

The case of the seventh. Ideal washed showcase shoe store becomes the cause of the fine for the creation of a dangerous situation for pedestrians. The representative of the city agency believes that people can easily "pass through the shop window", taking it to an empty space.

The case of the eighth. Chinese eatery owner receives a penalty for not on the sign of "full business name, type of service and the exact address of the English language." Practice shows that this is possible to obtain a ticket for not even postcode (zip code) on the doors.

The case of the ninth. The head of the accounting office receives a penalty for two butts, crumpled paper bag out of the can of soda at the front door. The inspector does not care what rubbish left a bystander in a few minutes prior to the visit.

The case of the tenth. Barely visible layer of dust on the tin, or rather lying on a shelf in a small grocery store, unties the hands of the inspector. The second ticket is issued for flying indoors fly …

I want to emphasize that the sum of the average fine for small business in New York is $ 500 (in most cases — from $ 250 to $ 5,000). There are cases where tickets to the same store discharged daily. Sometimes the same inspectors. Sometimes — 5-6 representatives of various city agencies.

Some businessmen bitterly claimed that inspectors sometimes prescribe penalties "for nothing", but to argue with the "servants of the law" makes no sense. Recapture those tickets also practically impossible. To do this, you need to spend thousands of dollars on litigation and proof of innocence. In addition, each New York inspector protected trade unions, and even when it makes mistakes are not the cause for reprimand or dismissal.

"The mafia in the 70-ies of XX century was much fairer than the inspectors City agencies — wrote on the forum 77-year-old businessman named William. — Among them are increasingly caught cruel, indifferent and cynical people. They literally revel in their power. And the worst thing is that they should not be punished. They — the executioners, and we — the victims. "

It is worth adding that another 30 — 40 years ago among the city inspectors corruption flourished. They did not get enough money from the treasury, so quite often went to meet businessmen blind eye to minor infractions. One received a package with a cake for a fire extinguisher unnoticed past their expiry date. Another — a free haircut at the barber for lost sight of the crack on the front door.

Today inspector in no need. They have a very large salary (according to average New York standards), a full package of benefits (overtime, vacation, sick leave, health insurance for the whole family) and, as mentioned above, the protection of trade unions.

Now, Michael Bloomberg, the main responsible for the situation, requires "tame" the inspectors only one thing: to collect as much money in the city budget, which is bursting at the seams with a huge deficit.

Reviewers with their mission cope fine. Step by step, they are killing small businesses, pumping of hard working entrepreneurs (mostly hard working middle-class) for $ 2.3 million every day.

Inspectors, pardon the expression, do not care what will happen to the person fined. Even if you give all of the most arrogant and unjust representatives of the New York agencies to court, then, like war criminals, they will say that "only following orders." None of them feels for a particular fault.

Personally, I was most outraged by the fact that "lawlessness" (another word here is difficult to find), soluble City Agencies, located in the shadow of blumbergovskoy propaganda about the prospects for the development of small businesses in New York City.

At every opportunity, the mayor tells us about the heavenly conditions for opening a business. Ostensibly businessmen are waiting with open arms in any of the five boroughs, and the city is ready to do everything for their economic prosperity.

In fact, the predatory policies on small businesses once again demonstrates the consequences of an illiterate strategy Democrats (Bloomberg across New York and Barack Obama in the entire country). For today's "asses" entrepreneur is the only person from which you want to squeeze the maximum amount of money (in the form of taxes, fines, fees, etc.)

And therefore every small business owner has only three choices. The first — to get a government job and forget about the "legal equality and freedom of enterprise" (the main features of capitalism).

Second — fail to smithereens, and then sit on the neck of the state (that is, to become one of the tens of millions of welfare recipients).

The third — to squeeze into a fist and hard work, not paying attention to "bespredelschik-inspectors", the high state and federal taxes, and numerous attempts to destroy the Democrats, or at least to diminish the role of small business in the national economy (think Obama's recent statement that that even the most successful entrepreneurs have achieved only at the expense of others).

Representatives of the latter category, unfortunately, every day is getting smaller …

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