Small business in the United States is bent

According to the Office of Small Businesses (United States Small Business Administration — SBA), the number of private entrepreneurs in the United States decreases the fifth year in a row. On average, about 570,000 small businesses opened and closed around 600,000 every twelve months.

To say that the situation in the sphere of private enterprise catastrophic, to say nothing. As noted on an online forum a bankrupt business owner from Texas, "only a madman or a fool decides to start a business in the most unpromising period of American history." He also advised the "better to throw money in the trash, than to buy a small business." Such an approach, he believes, will help entrepreneurs self-defeating to save "at least mental health, which would be lost with the business."

If President Obama honored stories of small business owners on the Internet, would resign. From California to New York businessmen complain about the unbearable working conditions. In particular, the high taxes, the rapidly increasing cost of renting space and utilities, exorbitant cost of goods and the failure of subordinates to work at the minimum wage (in today's terms it is much easier to sit on welfare).

"Businessman of the Obama era — is a person who breaks the law in order to somehow make ends meet — wrote a user named Louis. — If you want to make, start to hire illegal immigrants, learn to lie to customers and to withhold part of the proceeds from the IRS. Without it will not survive … "

Louis just forgot to mention that the honest and naive people in America is much more than a clever and unscrupulous businessmen. Approximately 200,000 residents each year are opening their businesses for the first time, putting them in up to 99% of all savings.

By the opening of businesses pushing people state that uses false and shameful tactics. If you analyze all of Obama's statements regarding the present and future of private enterprise, made from January 1, 2009, there will be a complete confidence in the fact that business simply needs to be opened right now, and in any city in the country.

The Democrats, being awesome hoaxer, has repeatedly tried to impose public myths about the sharp decline in the value of commercial real estate, municipal and federal financial aid programs beginning businessmen and significant tax breaks. All of these "tales" blossomed over the past four years. Unfortunately, the real money from the state have received only very large businesses (such as companies producing solar energy). However, seizing billions of dollars, they will immediately apply for bankruptcy.

Anyway, the current president's inner circle continues to "take care" of private businessmen. "From the first day in the White House, Barack Obama has made small businesses as one of its priorities, — said the head of the SBA Karen Mills last week. — He revived this sector of the economy. People again began to open businesses and create jobs. "

Words Mills, pardon the expression, bullshit. But this nonsense that we hear more and more from the presidential administration, many Americans blindly believe.

For example, a California resident Dave F. opened a small food shop after listened to Obama's speech in 2009. "The President of zombie me — Dave recalls his reaction. — He gave me optimism and confidence. When I started to attend public courses in business management, we finally came to believe in its success. I was promised a hundred percent support of about a dozen federal agencies. "

Dave went bankrupt after only 4 months. "I could hold out longer if it were not for the pressure from the various organs — he recalls. — Regular inspections, raids, inspections, and fines. All of these guys as if replaced … "

The word "replaced" is perfect to describe the relationship of the state to small businesses. At first it was doing everything possible to persuade people to invest, and then takes it all to the last cent. This tactic is used on many different levels. In New York, for example, the same way that companies from "concerned" Mayor Bloomberg. Naïve enough to read about business programs on the website NYC, to finally see: his own business in the Big Apple — a real Klondike.

So, the wife of Lloyd Kentucky spent $ 150,000 to open a small farm shop. By this they pushed the Department of Agriculture (USDA), promised every assistance. Lloyd's filed for bankruptcy after 14 months.

"Our government will give odds to any speculator, — says the head of the family of Robert. — We are just blatantly cheated. All of these programs help farmers are actually trying to make most of these farmers. "

Lloyd became victims of multiple rules, laws and amendments on small businesses that have emerged with the arrival of Barack Obama. These changes are nobody, never ever mentioned in public. Private entrepreneurs will learn about them usually at a time when they receive a fine, summons or other document is not palatable. Like many other would-be entrepreneurs, Robert Lloyd and his wife believed that even in the event of trouble the government will stretch them a helping hand.

"Doing business in the 70's it was much easier than it is now, — said Tim K., a gas station worker in upstate New York. — We knew where, to whom, how much and what to pay. Anyone could estimate in my head how much he earns, and how much to spend. Today, businesses are hiring accountants, lawyers and other professionals to understand where to go. The state no longer has the possibility to think and make your own judgment. "

The worst thing, though, is that the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is still inherent in the people, is not compatible with American realities. The state is not single-minded and independent people to meet.

"I have been saving money for almost twenty years to open his own restaurant — says Colin S. from Florida. — Now, I'm the same as millions of losers with a mark of bankruptcy on the social security number. "

Even Colin, who spent nearly 20 years in the restaurant business before you open your own restaurant, I could not stay on his feet. He bought into numerous state studies that "this district and this city of Florida is the best place to open a restaurant," but, unfortunately, joins a growing list of victims' Obama's business propaganda. "

In conclusion I would say that the classical principles and secrets of running a small business in the United States are no longer working. You can not believe any official statistics or the numerous "bestsellers" about "how quickly promote their business and make a million." The entire structure of private enterprise in the country begins to resemble a pyramid scheme. Those who still believe in empty promises, and break up with his dream, and with their money. They forget that America has already taken a big step from capitalism to socialism, and near the time when the news business here is not just difficult, but impossible …

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