Smart wires from Russia

In creating the future of electric vehicles are involved and Russian scientists. For the world’s major automakers advanced intelligent electronics system developed by a team of engineers from Saratov.


Igor Ablaev: "At first, the French treated us wary"
Photo rpedostavleno by "PG-Finprom Resource"

A small engineering company "PG-Finprom Resource" from Saratov developing cooperation with Peugeot-Citroen Group in the development of intelligent vehicle systems on-board electronics. Staff development of Saratov has about 20 people. This is mainly engineers, physicists, who at one time were the designers of aircraft (in Saratov Aviation Plant was known SAZ c number of specialized research institutes, which last year actually ceased to exist.)

A few years ago, Saratov engineers decided to offer the world’s leading companies to its vision of some systems of automotive electronics. The question is essentially a new platform on-board systems that Saratovites called Automotive Smart Grid — «Car smart grids."

Through the use of new microchips and data transmission over networks, it allows power to seriously simplify, reduce and make more efficient the system control module. The electronics in this case can more precisely control, such as the engine, adjust the vehicle forward lighting work under the specific conditions of movement or to create even more comfort for passengers.

"The electronic system of modern cars is complicated, but still have to manage it using outdated principles — the so-called asynchronous control, which is done on a" challenge-response ", — says Igor Ablaev, CEO of" PG-Finprom Resource ". — We also offer a more modern solution — to manage the electronic systems with more modern chips, and far fewer wires and connectors. "

The proposed solution by the principle similar to the on-board electronic control systems in the air transport — the system works on the principle of synchronous operation or in real time, thanks to the new unit and new universal data technology increases the rate of exchange of information, communication efficiency and resistance to interference. Saratov developers claim that the protection of electronic components car in the new system works faster than a short circuit.

Efficiency and economy of the Russian decision is substantial. In particular, 70% may decrease the overall length of wiring in the vehicle — if it is now an average of about one mile, then the new platform remains wires of 300-400 meters.

The introduction of such a system, for example, on every car Peugeot can save a minimum of 20 to 40 euros for one area, such as for example light or control access to the vehicle. For a large group, which produced millions of cars, this is a very important indicator. By the way, the development of "PG-Finprom Resource" last year won the Innovation Competition of Russian magazine "Expert".

"The French are first treated us with suspicion. Nobody believed that in Russia there can be cutting-edge design that can be used in the automotive industry — continues to Igor Ablaev. — They said, we try to save at least three to five euros on some options, and then it will be interesting. We have demonstrated that our system can save up to 40 euros for a single option. The French were impressed and signed a contract with us. "

Amount of the contract between the "PG-Finprom Resource" and concern Peugeot-Citroen is not disclosed. While the French carmaker is satisfied with cooperation with the Saratov partners: the fall is expected to sign a significant industrial contract, under which the Russian company is likely to be involved, including the development of French design of the latest generation of electric Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero. "Electric vehicles have opened a new era in the design of the entire automotive electronics, — says Igor Ablaev. — Many of the key management system vehicle require new solutions. And we have such solutions. "

In late June, "PG-Finprom Resource" took part in the annual congress of the European car in Valencia, where together leading engineers automotive industry. The joint performance of Russian specialists and engineers, Peugeot-Citroen was met with great interest. Development of Saratov interested a number of major automakers, including Japanese. Received offers of cooperation from the manufacturers and automotive components. In particular, in the near future "PG-Finprom Resources’ plans to begin working with a major manufacturer of car seats — French Faurecia, as well as international companies Valeo, Continental, Lear, Magnetti Marelli.

Original ideas Saratov companies were in demand in Russia: formerly "Finprom PG-Resource" has developed a platform for e-government "E-mobile".

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