SME Tomsk Electronic Company has equipped workshop with modern equipment EVRAZ NTMK

In kolesobandazhnom shop EVRAZ NTMK completed installation of three high-performance systems for the quality control of railway wheels.Upgrading equipment is carried out in the framework of the investment project "Modernisation of the line output control kolesobandazhnogo shop." Evraz investment in the project is 300 million rubles.

Modern systems for checking the quality of the surface of the solid wheels are already installed on the lines of the output control of finished product number 1 and 2 kolesobandazhnogo shop. Design and installation of handling equipment, robotics, special cleaning fulfilled Research-and-production enterprise "Tomsk Electronic Company."

Currently being installed electronic control system. The project will be in May 2013.

Installation of additional new facilities magnetic particle inspection will allow the company to strengthen quality control of railway wheels. Every unit is capable of detecting defects on the surface of the wheels up to 2 mm, which corresponds to the first, the highest accuracy class taken at the European railways. Also, the new equipment will provide one hundred percent control of product quality, which meets the Railways — the main consumer of railway wheels EVRAZ NTMK.

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