— You know, it was the best night of my life! — Yes … you’re so unexpectedly came for me to work — I just was not ready for it .. — Surprise turned out? I tried very hard. You are so beautiful … you … — Thank you, great restaurant, I had a wonderful time … — Come to me? Please, I’m so bored! — Well … uh … You know, I can not! [cut] — Why? — Ya. me tomorrow morning at work. — I’ll take you there you go! — You know, something I am very tired … — I’ll give you a massage … mmm … Yes, get ready, let’s go — I really want to give you a massage! — No, no! No need, I have … uh … My head hurts, massage does not help, I just need to rest. — This is the pressure you drink a glass of red wine and let it be, do not make excuses, let’s go! — I have a spa-ah-be want … — Well, well, let’s go to bed! — Well … uh … No, it’s not convenient, I have … I do not have a tooth brush! — I’ll buy you a million toothbrushes, come on, agree! — No, I’m not ready, I can not go to you, I’m sorry! -?? What’s stopping you? We were together, it was so cool … Why do you refuse to now? — I can not, you know? Not today, I do not feel like, I’m sorry … — But you said you had a wonderful time … Why? You … and! Do not you have these your … well … critical days? (Blushes) — No, you’re it! No. — Then what is it? Enough to act up, I can see that you also want to go! — No! I can not! — Why? — We do not have to … We can not do that now, let’s take a break — it’s necessary, you must understand. — What a break that to you? For how long? — At least until tomorrow, oh, please … — What’s the difference between today and tomorrow? — Well … There is a difference, believe me. This is a star — today we should not be together! — I do not understand, you’re mysterious … — Maybe, but it’s intuition … I just feel like it today — no. — I’ve been waiting for this! .. — Well … I can not explain to you, but if you love me, you’ll understand, I’m sorry. — Do not go? — No. — Let’s go! — No. — Are you sure? — Yes! .. — Sorry … [B] Damn, how do you want to travel! But why? Why did not I shaved my legs and wore a flannel pants?! [/ B]

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