Smiling helps gunners TSB

Gunners join the Amur-arms of the Eastern Military District during tactical exercises with live fire for the first time used a new radiopelengatsionny meteorological complex military RMPK-1 "Smile."

 According to RIA Novosti, the new complex "Smile" accurately detects wind speed and direction, air temperature and humidity systems for air defense and field artillery, multiple rocket launchers, tactical missile complexes, offices CBR defense. Designed and developed in OKB "Bearing", uses adaptive methods of data processing and management. It implements elements of artificial intelligence.

"Complex" Smile "is involved in the tactical maneuvers that pass in Zavitinsky training center in the Amur region. Data obtained by the complex have been successfully used to calculate the coordinates in combat firing multiple rocket launchers" Grad "and" Hurricane ", self-propelled howitzers," MSTA "" Carnation "," Acacia ", and anti-tank systems," — said the agency.

It is noted that using data RMPK-1 "Smile" military conduct live firing of anti-tank guns "Rapier" gun-howitzer D-20 and mortars.

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