Sniper legend Lyudmila Pavlicenco

Eleventh video of the series "Russian heroes", created by the efforts of employees’ Russian folk line "and dedicated to the legendary Soviet sniper Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlicenco (1916-1974).

Lyudmila Pavlicenco fought in the legendary 25th Chapaevsky Infantry Division took part in the fighting in Moldova and in the defense of Odessa. 250 days and nights spent in hard and heroic battles of Sevastopol. More than once she had to engage in battle with the superior forces of the enemy, as well as calculate and eliminate hardened German snipers, on account of which there were dozens and hundreds of lives of our soldiers. As a result, in July 1942 in her account was destroyed 309 German soldiers and officers, including — 36 enemy snipers.

"Comrade Pavlicenco perfectly studied the habits of the enemy and captured the sniper tactics — wrote about her newspaper. — A historian by training, warrior mentality, she is at war with all the ardor of his young heart. Almost all of the prisoners captured at Sevastopol, with a sense of fear of the animal are saying about our sverhmetkih arrows. "

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