Sniper rifle SV-98 with telescopic sight Dedal DS 3-12×50

Photos of the Russian 7.62mm sniper rifle SV-98. The rifle was developed based on the Sport model, and has been released by Izhmash. Is in service with special units of our many law enforcement agencies.

The rifle is designed to engage targets at ranges up to 1000 m single lamp. Recharging is done manually with the feeding of cartridges for 10 rounds.

The stock SV-98 allows for the firing on both the left and from the right shoulder, has a length adjustment of the butt, butt plate and the position of the crest of the butt vertically and horizontally. The stock is equipped with a quick-fry in front of the plow, and in the butt with the relevant regulations. In the stowed position, the bipod folded, do not extend beyond the edges and do not interfere with the movement.

Caliber, mm — 7.62
Chuck — 7.62 x54R
Effective range with a telescopic sight, m: — 1000
Muzzle velocity, m / s — 820
Magazine capacity, rounds — 10
Length without a muffler, mm — 1200
Height, mm — 300
Width, mm — 200
Barrel length, mm — 650
Weight without telescopic sight and silencer, kg — 5.8
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