Snow Fall entrenched in the U.S.

Snow Fall entrenched in the U.S. Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the autumn recently came to North America, in many northern and central states of the U.S. from the Rocky Mountains to the North and South Carolina had already impressive form for the October snow. This is especially true of Montana and North Dakota, which has dropped from 2.5 to 15 cm of snow.

Snow covered nearly every day gain weight by 2-3 cm in eastern Montana, North Dakota and western Minnesota. For most communities is the earliest in the history of snow as the average, the first 3 cm of snow melting is not sustainable appear until mid-November.

Although history remembers that in Montana snowfalls occurred even in the middle of August. The current snowfall, coming from Canada, makes surprising, because a few weeks ago on the west coast of the United States was truly the summer heat or heat with temperatures up to +38 ° C. In some areas near San Francisco, the thermometer reached the mark at +43 ° C, but in the next few days and there is imbued with the cold masses, causing the temperature to fall to 5-10 ° below normal.
In general, the area where the snow fell, can only thank nature for any precipitation since summer 2012 issued exclusively dry.

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