So is there really a snowman?




Could Bigfoot be a brother of Santa Claus?

To the Editor of "News of Science" sent a report on the work of the expedition, which in the Kirov region engaged in the search of Bigfoot. Found convincing from the point of view of enthusiasts living proof of Bigfoot in these places. Sometimes lodges doors are broken in.. At night, the forests are mysterious sounds. In general, a lot of strange things — broken off branches, twigs crunching in the night, footprints on the ground, often in silhouette. To some it may seem doubtful. Does not matter. Because faith in Bigfoot enthusiasts is comparable only with the faith of parents in their child's talents. Snowman is even better — it will never grow …
Almasty, agagve, Tung, Thap-TKE, an-naktan, zu-cho, Thelma, mi-te — in different places Bigfoot called in its own way, as a mother. But most of all — "Yeti". This is the name of the Himalayan mysterious humanoid creature caught on because most evidence of meeting him refers specifically to Tibet. The exception, as always, is America, where Bigfoot is called in its own way — "Bigfoot" or "big foot": the found in Washington state a huge footprint the size of a human arm.

The most famous attempt was made to find the Yeti in 1960 by the legendary Edmund Hillary, the first man, who ascended the highest peak of the world Mount Everest. The expedition of Sir Hillary lasted almost a year, but nothing is more valuable than the Yeti scalp, which gave scientists the locals could not be found. Later zoologists have shown that the scalp was removed from the Tibetan blue bear, a very rare animal. According to descriptions of the Tibetans was drawn sketch of Yeti: low forehead, deep-set eyes, a strong jaw thrust forward, sparse teeth. The growth of tall, dark-brown hair. Walks vraskachku widely, as a bodybuilder, waving his hands to the sides. Long arms, to his knees. Tibetans celebrate disgust "bad smell" yeti.

In the archive of Sir Hillary, as well as reports of other expeditions meticulously written numerous accounts of how cruel Yeti steals from the villages of men and women and keeps them in inaccessible caves. The latter, however, is particularly doubtful, for no one to escape from captivity could not. By the end of the expedition, Sir Edmund Hillary has concluded that the mysterious yeti does not exist.

After many years colleague Hillary — Professor Desmond Doi — disavowed his earlier conclusions on the basis that even all known gorilla was discovered only in the twentieth century. Eyewitnesses described a lot of meetings with the Yeti, but then the "flying saucer" seen by many. And even flew to them. But unlike the UFO Bigfoot has left many material traces. First of all, found in many remote mountain areas of prints that can only belong to a biped, a much more massive than the man. Serious people (geologists, surveyors, hunters) are described hundreds of these tracks made their pictures and prints have been several attempts of persecution, have been studied in the laboratory found pieces of wool and excrement (Yeti, as it turned out, eat it).

The most striking instrument — in 1967 in Northern California, captured on film Prytkov Bigfoot running around. The film takes a few minutes, and experts still can not come to an agreement — whether the animal is walking through the woods, or an actor in the skin of a joke climbed.

In our country, a special perseverance in search of Bigfoot showed Professor Boris piston. In the Caucasus, he recorded a volume of evidence of encounters with the creature, which is most likely to occur for some reason in Abkhazia. The old men told the professor that in the nineteenth century could not even catch the "snow woman." She was named Zana, she got used to his master and subordinate only to him. But to teach the language, or in some domestic action Zanu failed. However, it has repeatedly borne children from the local lads. Professor Porshnev tried to restore the family tree Zana, the offspring of which differed a lot of physical strength and special tan. But by the time our direct descendants Zana has been found.

Professor Porshnev inclined to believe that Bigfoot, which he did not catch, but whose existence is fervently believed — a descendant of the Neanderthals, who were driven out of Europe more socially organized Cro-Magnons about 50,000 years ago. But if we accept this hypothesis, it is unclear why the relic wild man much larger than the Neanderthals, who, according to the irrefutable recovered the remains were not higher than 160 cm? According to another version, the Yeti — it is a large primate-like fossil and disappeared from the face of the Earth … Gigantopithecus
I should add one more question. Why is a scientific consideration falls hypothesis that Bigfoot and the "little green men" — the same thing?


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