Sochi has opened a factory for the production of mineral water

June 29 opening of the new urban enterprise — Alpha. In fact, this re incarnation of the old plant, known popularly as the "Lenkombinat" that when the Soviet Union was producing tomato sauce, beverages, and other conservation. It is located in Zavokzalni area.

Extract water from a clean source. The new factory "Alpha" production — and that 3 large shops — organized in such a way that the loading and molds for the future bottle and spilling water control automation. Water "Timeless Spring" has its roots in the famous still all over the Soviet Union and the sources of their bellies Chvezhepsinskogo fields.

In the month at the plant will produce one million bottles. Volumes for every taste, from small polulitrovok to 19-liter vessels, which will go off the assembly line this fall.

Photo report:

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