Sochi homes for settlers

New homes for settlers whose homes were seized during the Olympic construction, being built at several sites: the village "Nekrasovskoye" (112 cottages), district merry-Psou (6 blocks of 5-storey houses, 77 cottages), st. Tauris (171 cottage), ul.Urozhaynaya (47 cottages), st. Jan Fabricius (50 houses and 2 apartment buildings), the area of "Small Stream" (29 cottages) near the village Kraevo-Greek (37 cottages)

All homes will be equipped with a centralized gas supply, water supply, sewerage, the area will be landscaped, there will be objects of social, cultural and residential use.

photos of houses

A merry-Psou — takes the first settlers

New School for 1000


Nekrasovskoye: the village is full of life

kindergarten in the village "Nekrasovskoye"

Quarter residential development of "edge-Greek"

Quarter residential development "Tauride"

new kindergarten

Street Harvest

Str. Jan Fabricius

Residential quarter on the street. Jan Fabricius welcomed its first residents in July 2011

Quarter "Little Creek"

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