Social guarantees divisible rabotnikam.Opytom plant in Severodvinsk

We continue to watch videos about the Russian industrial enterprises in the competition of the plant of the new Russian industry. Today we will learn about the company, which operates in the North of Russia. It tells about their social and employment policy.

Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk … This is where there is the largest in the Russian shipbuilding complex "Production Association" Sevmash "(JSC" PO "Sevmash"). The company is interesting in that it is the country’s only builder of nuclear submarines. In addition, a large separate area of the company is the creation of offshore platforms for oil and gas. But this video is dedicated mainly the story is not about the production, and the people who work at the company. His greatest asset, "Sevmash" said frames. On this and says in his video, "Social security to workers."

How often do we talk about social policy in Russia’s industrial production? Let’s take a look at the life of the plant on this side! Roller

We think it’s very interesting ..


Photo video! Roller under the cut 





Brief information about the company:

"Production Association" Sevmash "(OAO" PO "Sevmash")
Date of establishment of the enterprise, the 21/12/1939
Place of business: Arkhangelsk Oblast., Severodvinsk
Industry: Shipbuilding
Main products: the ships and submarines for the Russian Defense Ministry and foreign customers, marine engineering for oil and gas, commercial shipbuilding, products for industrial purposes for the metallurgical, machine-building, oil and gas and other industries
The total number of employees 25,000 people, including young people — 40%.

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