Solar power appeared in the village district Yuchyugey Oymyakonsky

Following the first and well-established in their work environments Yakutia Batamayskoy solar power plant of "Sakhaenergo" launched into operation another SES.


The installed capacity of the new plant, generating electricity from the June 7, 2012 in parallel with the diesel station, twice the previous one and is 20 kW. It consists of two static platforms with 10 kW, which include 87 monocrystalline modules unit capacity of 230 watts. Monocrystalline panels, purchased the Russian producer, its technical characteristics are most effective, which made quite compact station.

For the conversion of solar energy into organic kilowatts installed two inverters manufactured by the German company SMA Solar Technology AG — the world leader in the design, manufacture high-voltage inverters and monitoring devices for a variety of power supply systems. In addition, the station is equipped with a solar sensor (irradiation) and modem for data storage and transmission over the Internet, which will create the file and monitor the parameters of the station remotely.

In order to increase efficiency and improve the energy efficiency of solar cells for the installation of solar panels locally made special design, equipped with a swivel mechanism. It will increase the generation of electricity by 40% by changing the position of the panel in season mode "winter-summer".


The opening ceremony of the solar station, held in paragraph Yuchyugey June 21, was attended by Deputy Director General for Innovation and Development of "Yakutskenergo" Andrew Sanachev, Deputy General Director of JSC "Sakhaenergo" Innovation and R & D Nicholas fool, chief Oymyakonsky RES of "Sakhaenergo" Innocent Skrybykin, as well as a representative of a new partner companies from Germany Stottko Yang, who came specially to see for myself how in Yakutia introduced alternative sources of energy.   


Author: Darius Yeremeev of "Sakhaenergo», SakhaNews. 

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