Solar power in Yakutia

Reduce the cost of electricity will help the sun. Experiment in Yakutia: there have launched a solar-powered station, thus saving a considerable amount of expensive diesel fuel. And this is just the beginning.

May seem strange, but in the cold of Yakutia, with its permafrost sunny days a year, almost as much as in Central Asia, including Uzbekistan same. Experts estimate — there are more than 200 — and launched a solar power plant. In the pilot mode, this unit worked for a year and now produces nearly a third of the settlement of electricity consumed.

Solar panels work in parallel with diesel power. Energy goes into the overall force shield. Abandon the generators are, of course, are not going after all the winter mostly cloudy, and severe frosts in Yakutia — down to minus 70.

But solar cells can significantly reduce the cost of expensive diesel fuel, which means that you can reduce the price of electricity tariffs for the population. Now in Yakutia, the cost per kilowatt hour — almost 4 rubles.

In Europe, the use of alternative energy for a long time and successfully. Every year around the exhibitions of new products in this area. In Belgium, even recently launched a train that runs from the solar panels. In Central Russia renewables also began to implement actively.

In the Far East — at the forefront of Kamchatka. Here are a few decades using steam power — on Mutnovskaya geothermal plant, and in 2008, the year in October, the village opened a wind station. On the west coast of the peninsula is almost always blow strong winds.

Batamaj — not a cheap project. Solar panels and communication cost the energy companies — almost half a million rubles. But the station is quite easy to use and requires no increase in staff of specialists.

In the future, they plan to carry out special drives that allow even on cloudy days to capture and generate energy from the sun. And at the end of this year will start building a new energy solar power plant — near Oymyakon, one of the coldest places in the world.

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