Solutions based on patented nano-coating SPRAMET

SPRAMET solutions on the deposition of combined anti-corrosion, fire-proof, heat-insulating and decorative coatings patented.

  • Most "Picturesque", Moscow, Coating: Plating, Anti-corrosion coatings
  • Most "Picturesque", Moscow, Coating: Plating, Anti-corrosion coatings

The patent for utility model combined protective coating made in the form of metal layers on the steel, characterized in that the coating on the metal layer is made of aluminum, zinc or alloys thereof, the following layer has corrosion or fire retardant insulating properties additional possibile decorative layer.

Recall that the corrosion protection system SPRAMET already successfully applied to the oil and gas industries, modern bridges, Business Centers,monuments.
The scope of application of these systems is broad and can be distributed wherever a metal structure. Despite this system SPRAMET reliably and securely protect against corrosion for a long period, which is confirmed in practice.

Now our designs are protected by patent law, our customers an opportunity to purchase equipment and deposition technologies combined coatings for self-use.

The main advantages of combined coatings SPRAMET are their corrosion resistance (20-50 years), guarantees optimum application even in the field, the combination of one covering all the properties necessary for the customer — corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, fire protection, decorative painting.


In the photo — the bridge "Picturesque", Moscow.

In the world bridge building for more than half a century, it is generally accepted that Plating sacrificial coating of aluminum, zinc, magnesium and their alloys provide reliable and long-term corrosion protection of steel from corrosion. The use of metallized coatings in cable-stayed bridges is a must for the designer, in other types of bridges — is recommended for severe service. Given the dramatically increased in recent years, the rate of application of chloride-containing deicers, Plating coating recommended for use on any bridge, operates in Russia. Plating coating of zinc-aluminum, Al-Mg is used primarily for the structural components in contact with the defroster, or implied by the variable wettability or stagnant rainwater or melted snow water. It is in these areas, the risk of corrosion damage of the most dangerous.

Plating may be applied as a coating in the production of steel, and after assembly, protecting welds and joints. Sacrificial metal coatings due to the roughness and porosity of the top layer serve as an excellent primer for the coating application. Metal coatings are applied with a positive temperature atmosphere not require drying, i.e. can be painted directly after application.

In Russia there was a fairly broad practice of metallized coatings on bridges — are protected by sacrificial coating bridges and overpasses Third Ring Road and Bridge Scenic in Moscow, flyovers Olympic track in Adler, a bridge in Omsk and others. JSC "Plakart" offers both a coating on their own on their own sites or on-site, as well as delivery equipment and spare parts for metallization systems.

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