Some details of the development program for the production of AN-140 on the Aviacor

In the newspaper "Volga Commune"(Samara), publishedinterview with the Director General of the Samara "Aviacor — Aviation Plant" Alexei Gusev, which contains interesting details of the current status of the program in the enterprise release of the An-140.

General Director of "Aviacor — Aviation Plant" Alex Gusev (c)
 — What are the plans for the construction of aircraft within the order of the Ministry of Defense this year? When do you plan to close your current contract? Do you have new businesses, including private, orders?
— We continue to build aircraft for the current contract for the Defense Ministry. In April of this year, we received an order for three additional aircraft An-140. Fully implement the delivery of the ordered aircraft "Aviacor" plans in 2014.
Total "Aviacor" staged four military aircraft, the aircraft is on the fifth stage of the ground-flight testing and will be delivered to the customer in the near future. Also, now our factory is working with one of the leasing companies to form a contract for 10 aircraft for one of the civil air carriers.
— In March, "Aviacor" has signed an agreement with the Ukrainian State Concern "Antonov" on the transfer of intellectual property on the An-140 ° C and An-140t. The terms on which an agreement was signed? What are the prospects it opens up for the plant?
— The agreement with the "Antonov" was signed on mutually beneficial conditions, which require the communication of the Russian side of the intellectual rights to manufacture and transport the cargo version of the An-140. In agreement with the partners, we do not comment on details of the agreement. We can only say that the transfer of intellectual property rights positively affect both the timing of production of the aircraft, and on its ultimate value for our customers.

— In May, "Antonov" filed a lawsuit in the Regional Court of Arbitration for "AVIAKOR." Amount of the claim Ukrainian companies is $ 2.2 million from what is involved in this lawsuit?
— The dispute settled out of court, the parties went to the settlement agreement, our working relationship with the "Antonov" this situation is totally reflected.
— Defense gave up the idea to collect from the Samara plant money paid by the Office "AVIAKOR" in advance for the three aircraft (due to delays with the supply). There were rumors that there was a delay in delivery due to problems with suppliers. As now, the plant are the relations with suppliers?
— "Aviacor" is constantly working to find alternatives to the existing suppliers. The absence of a monopoly on certain supplies to reduce the cost of components, improve their quality and consumer properties, and reduce delivery times. Since the start of production of the An-140 in Samara, we managed to find and approve alternative to 15 suppliers. Unfortunately, to amend the list of approved suppliers without the consent of the developer is impossible.

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