Something on Mars




Presented a picture posted on a website belonging to the U.S. government. The photograph shows a portion of the surface of Mars, covered with sand dunes. On the tops of the dunes are clearly visible formation, similar to the plant. When we look at some of them look like cacti, others on the pine. Some of the "pine tree" toppled as taiga trees affected by the hurricane. A possible explanation of the origin of these geological formations is hardly possible, since it is not clear why these objects are the same size, and why on top of what we thought of the sand dunes, these structures one by one, rather than an arbitrary number.


Questions, questions … It should be noted that in the archives of NASA (as well as ours) is kept large, on the order of hundreds of thousands of images of the surface of the Red Planet, made by "Vikings", "Mariner" and other interplanetary stations. They are stored not in the usual form, on photo paper and in digital form (as they were transferred from outer space), and hence. decoding and require further processing. A popular "face of the sphinx" and the adjacent "town" in the Cydonia region were obtained just during the regular processing of the next piece of information. And who knows when they get in the hands of scientists to the full transcripts of all available data, what wonders they will see, and if they see things they will do to their public. Or they will settle secret dead weight at the bottom of the top-secret underground storage, as well as other artifacts of extraterrestrial origin.


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