Sometimes you want to ….

Sometimes I want to be a woman-woman Clink bracelets, straightens hair, and they are still falling so redolent of Guerlain, fingering the ring, the food, "How lovely!" Not only has the restaurant, "I just salad." [Cut] Do not hesitate neckline, contrast, unbutton it is no accident Upper pugovochku. Get used to expensive stockings, and byusthaltery buy only "Lezhabi." To have two lovers, easy to pull money, "you know — I do not go on foot," "this coat came up to me …" I do not love any of them. "And then in a coffin Remembering Lansky." And sometimes you want to be an intelligent lady, Sew a long black dress, buy a black turtleneck, whom Tatyana Tolstoy said that they are the ones who are free internally. If you smoke, then certainly with a mouthpiece, and so it did not look ridiculous. Sometimes it goes to the cupboard, To remove the shelf dictionary to specify only the word, to speak into the phone: "I need to finish the article, Today editor called" smart talk about the banquet, and on his chest, and ears so — antique silver with pink coral or turquoise. To further study, the corridor to the left, I sat at the computer scientist-husband, with whom Love would continue forever. That all said, "High relations." To put the book on the bedside table, before you turn off the lights in the bedroom, he remarked: "Honey, you look pale, Go tomorrow to the professor Murmulenskomu. Certainly. "And sometimes you just need to be a cold calculating bitch. And the big boss, To everyone in the office to point the finger and say and newcomer: "It’s cold calculating bitch, will go on the corpses!" Well, why so rude? And why just "over the dead bodies"? And you, girl, fired — I think I have clearly set the task! Call beautiful secretaries "fool" Right in the eye. Not because the fools, but because it is beautiful. Top managerial salaries Spending on luxury cosmetics, and so a million gold cards, discount … With crazy collecting contemporary art and hung it on bare walls in the office and in the vast empty apartment, where the dryer in the kitchen one cup, one spoon. And two stools at the bar. The man says: "pathetic loser, I mean no luuuuuuuzer!" Do not be ashamed to say that masturbation — work nationwide. And sleep with the cat ("he’s a member of the family!" That feeds housekeeper. And sometimes you want her to be such for all Members. Shorthaired. And dye your hair, lips and nails orange, and go to the big green shoes From the Indian bag-feed bag, with headphones in my ears, with a string on the wrist. late all the time everywhere, yelling in the smoking room, "I opened a coffee shop," "Have you tried holotropic breathing? — Blade Head!" And so much smoke out of his ears . choked with excitement, do not have time to sleep, is going to Goa in February. Sitting in the office for "poppy" Around that all hung with Colored stickers with reminders "to come up with a gift Maschke", "remind Vitka about dinner on a Wednesday", "buy new skiing … "On the desktop, so that photographs of children in the pool and in the ocean, Portrait of Labrador dog (deceased), and a bearded man in a strange yellow cap. Being married life for a classmate, who for twenty years, so imagine and did not throw None Fortelle. And put up with all these friends, partying, and squandering of dirty dishes. "You zaedesh me at eight?" "Of course, Zai." And sometimes you want to shave at times flattened, and tie a handkerchief to wash in the bath soap, but smell what some grass, wormwood there, or mint. Learn to pray, read the lives of saints, observe fasts, to name a son Seraphim, Substitute, at least mentally, the other cheek, "Is this what you wanted. example. Hallelujah. I hand clubbing me — the whole . "Radiating kindness, and so nenatuzhno Shine from unutrenney Harmonia. Bring Church of holy water in the tank, put it in the refrigerator, and when the soul of a chore to — She wash. mamas and advised:" If the child has fever, Simply sprinkle! " And that’s really helped. And terribly want to go to the waitress, Buy false eyelashes, and the complete works of Daria Series. Learning to walk in high heels, flirt with visitors, so they would leave a tip, saying, "And here’s another try" Carpaccio "Very much we have it is brilliant!" Going to the movies, save for a car. Quit bartender Screw the cook-Italian, Hanging on the honor roll, As an employee, unwind the maximum number of suckers on the expensive French wine, which they had never be much different from, From the Crimea. Drink all you want hot chocolate from the machine, and already out of love Greek salad. And what we have in reality? While only a black turtleneck.

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