Soon the entire Arab world will eat our turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian exports of meat of turkey is so great, that almost the entire Arab world will soon be eating it.  "Agriculture is becoming increasingly attractive from an economic point of view, sector of the economy — Putin said at a meeting with businessmen in Voronezh. — I find it hard to accept that no agricultural projects do not pay off in five to eight years, and the payback is faster and there is a very high-production industry — look what’s happening in the poultry sector, take out a loan, for example, the production of turkey meat … Soon, I think, the Arab world will eat our turkey. " "I’m exaggerating, but exports are very large," — stated the President, ITAR-TASS reported. PS. I was wondering what is the basis of his opinion. Data Export I have not found, and in production turkey picture here is this:

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